Free Fire Guide AK VS M4A1, which AR FF weapon is stronger?

In a battle royale game like Free Fire, surely the weapon will be the most important factor in gaining victory. With a large selection of weapons that can be used, the most popular weapon category is AR. AR is short for Assault Rifles, or assault rifles. Compared to other weapon categories, AR has a very balanced stat, Damage above SMG and below DMR or sniper rifles and also RoF above DMR or sniper and below SMG.

AR also has stats and a style that plays out even among AR itself. The most popular and commonly used ARs in Free Fire are AK and M4A1. If we pay attention to AK will look better in terms of DPS than M4, but this does not calculate the recoil which is a bit difficult to adjust.

Here we will compare these two popular weapons, between these two which weapon is better and suitable for use.


AK is a very iconic AR weapon, almost all FPS genre games have this weapon. This Soviet developed weapon, apart from being popular, certainly has good stats in almost all games, including Free Fire.

In Free Fire itself, AK has a pretty strong stat. With high damage of 61 points and RoF of 56, the DPS of this weapon is definitely very high. The disadvantage of AK is that this weapon is a bit difficult to control and use if the user is not familiar. But with the complete attachments the AK can become a deadly weapon.

The use of AK is mostly difficult to use for aggressive play because of the unruly recoil, some high rank AK players use this weapon as a long range weapon. Using AK as a long range weapon can maximize the stat range of this AK.


Compared to AK, M4A1 does not have a high DPS, but this weapon is easy to control and has a recoil that is comfortable for many people to use. With high range and accuracy, users will be more comfortable doing kills from various distances.

M4 itself can be said as the most balanced AR. From the stat itself, M4 also has attachments that support each player’s playing style. This weapon is also very strong even without attachments, although it is not as strong as the AK as the initial battle weapon.

This US-made weapon is also quite popular in other video games, including Free Fire. In Free Fire itself, almost all of your games will definitely see this weapon. Quite popular and comfortable to use, the M4 is the safest weapon used by various people.


If we look at first glance, these two weapons have almost the same DPS stat.



Both of these weapons have the same RoF, but different damage. AK seems to have an advantage in terms of damage compared to M4A1, therefore this weapon is given a recoil which is more difficult to regulate than M4. This certainly makes M4A1 more waiting even though it loses damage.

M4 has better recoil, accuracy and distance than AK. This factor makes M4 more comfortable to use for weapons used by good aiming players to get headshots.

To compare the two weapons is indeed quite difficult. AK and M4, which have their respective advantages, certainly have not calculated the user factor. Some people prefer M4 because it is comfortable to use, but if you are used to playing Free Fire, AK will look better than DPS.

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