Free Fire (FF) VS PUBG Mobile shooting mechanics

The debate between Free Fire and PUBG Mobile is never ending. Starting from the Free Fire (FF) VS PUBG Mobile shooting mechanic, characters, pets, and others are quite different. This is what makes both games quite far.

Even though they are one genre, they feel very different. This is mainly from mechanics and pace or playing speed. Free Fire is considered faster while PUBG Mobile is a bit slower.

Battle royal mobile is dominated by these two games, maybe Fortnite can also enter. But in general, Free Fire and PUBG Mobile are very striking and the most popular.

Free Fire (FF) VS PUBG Mobile shooting mechanics

This difference allows fans to attack each other. What is meant here is insulting each other and making fun of each other even though the context is joking, some are serious. The players also feel comfortable in each other’s games.

Here are the differences between each game:

  1. Recoil
  2. Accuracy
  3. Tempo
  4. Move Accuracy

For those of you who want to know or are curious about the shooting mechanics of Free Fire (FF) VS PUBG Mobile, you can see it here. The two of them are considered quite far too, even though the point is that they both shoot.



Recoil is very influential in a shooting game like this, especially in PUBG Mobile. Weapons will be felt kick and the recoil without complete attachments.

In Free Fire, this recoil is very imperceptible, especially when FF has aim assist which is like a beat. Being able to reset aim assist with spam scope is also very helpful. In terms of recoil, PUBG Mobile is more difficult.


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In terms of accuracy it is also the same as recoil, at PUBG Mobile it feels very heavy. Especially with a spray pattern that is very messy and random, it can make you lose ridiculous if you don’t use your weapon properly.

In Free Fire, accuracy is not a problem. It’s quite tight in terms of the spray pattern so the most important thing is your crosshair hitting your opponent’s head. Therefore run-n-gun very popular and effective.


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The tempo is also influential in the gameplay as well as the shooting mechanics of both games. In PUBG Mobile the game feels very slower and more tactical. This affects aiming because many shoots are motionless and stealthy.

Tempo Free Fire is faster than PUBG Mobile and feels more active. Many players take advantage of this by moving frequently and not wasting much time idling.

Move Accuracy

Move accuracy in PUBG Mobile is pretty bad and it’s not recommended to move while shooting. Except for some weapons like SMG or AR which have full attachments in this case.

In Free Fire this movement penalty feels very light. Therefore moving while shooting as well as even samil jumping is fine. You will often feel this.

Those are some shooting mechanics for Free Fire (FF) VS PUBG Mobile. Very different, huh. Even though they are one genre, they both feel quite different and it might make people a little awkward when moving on.

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