Free Fire Cheaters Are Now Decreasing, FF Anti Cheat Is Successful?

Playing games when you are in your spare time is a pretty good thing. Because right now on Android, we already have a lot of cool games to play. But for example, if you want to try a game with lots of challenges, you can just play Free Fire right now.

Because in this game there are also many interesting things, it’s guaranteed that those of you who play can immediately get addicted. In the Free Fire game alone there are many cool features that are good, yesterday we also had the Latest Free Fire June Update with a lot of total updates.

So that with the emergence of this big update, the Free Fire game will become more exciting and will not make you bored later. In the Free Fire game, we have the Latest Anti Cheat, which will keep the Free Fire game defenses from the entry of cheaters.

Even yesterday, we were all shocked by the system, because the Anti-Cheat System Detected and Banned 1 Million Accounts that were proven to be using a cheat. So in this way, Garena’s side will not mess around with these cheaters anymore.

For the Free Fire Indonesia server only, right now the players in the World chat are really happy. Because of this where 1 Million Cheaters, were banned directly. Intrigued by the information? Immediately, we see the explanation in the article below.

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Free Fire Cheater Game on the Verge of Destruction

Players on the Indonesian server at this time do not feel the Cheater in the match, because the Anti-cheat system is indeed better than before. In the future, you will also be sure that you will not meet cheaters too often.

Because for now only on Indonesian Server, players there don’t meet Cheaters anymore. Maybe this is one of the extinctions of the Cheaters, who have been present in the Free Fire game from the past to the newest one today.

Anti Cheat Makes Cheaters Extinct!

The extinction of this Cheater is good news, because all of you don’t need to be afraid to push rank again later. In the future, Garena will also provide other latest updates, so that this Anti Cheat will be even better and better.

Whereas currently Anti Cheat is still not perfect, so Cheaters can still enter. But Garena seems to be taking advantage of this opportunity, where the Cheaters enter and will be immediately detected by the Free Fire Anti Hack Team.

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So that players who use the cheat, will immediately receive the penalty. The account they use is permanently banned, and this Banned does not recognize the sultan’s account or the mediocre account.

If for example you have violated, you have to accept the consequences later. Now for now, the popularity of Cheaters in the game has finally decreased and all of that has been welcomed by all players. Even in Indonesia now, free fire players in World chat are happy.

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In the future, the Free Fire game is guaranteed to have a perfect and strong Anti Cheat, so that cheaters will find it difficult to enter the game.

That’s it, Thank You and Greetings, Booyah.

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