Free Fire Carnaval Event Leaks, Many Cool FF Free Bundles!

Playing games is indeed one of the best activities, if you want to get rid of boredom later. Because right now we all have a Covid 19 pandemic, where the government tells us to just stay indoors. If, for example, you are bored while in this house, you can entertain yourself by playing the game Free Fire. This time there is a leak of the Carnaval Free Fire Event, which you can get a free bundle for at this latest event.

The development of the Free Fire game is indeed quite good and very interesting, where all of you will definitely not be bored if you play this game later. For old players, you know the Unique Facts of the Old Free Fire Game, of course this will make you all feel nostalgic.

In the future, the Free Fire game will definitely be developed to be better than before. That’s why you too, shouldn’t miss an update. The Beach Party Free Fire event yesterday was successfully presented to this Indonesian server.

On the Brazilian server, we will all get lots of other recent leaks, of course this will be a pretty good one in the future. Moreover, yesterday there was the Latest Diamond Royale Bundle Leaks, which will also be present in the Free Fire game.

But it turns out that Garena is holding another pretty cool Web Event on the Brazilian server. This way, players who are there can get cool bundles from within the event.

Curious? Check out the article below.

Free Fire Balloon Shoot Event – Prize Elusive Soul Bundle

In the past on the Indonesian server, this bundle was present and it turned out that it had become the target of many players, because the shape of this bundle was quite good and very interesting. Previously, Elusive Bundle Server Indonesia, was present at the web event which was quite good.

But if the problem is the form of this event, it has not been presented to the Indonesian server. Maybe in the future there will be an event like this, but the prizes given by Garena are different. So we just need to wait patiently, what bundles will come here.

Henceforth also in this event, later we have to shoot the beam targets that have been provided. Each of these balloons has different prizes, so of course those of you who shoot all of the balloons can get more prizes.

Free Elusive Soul Bundle?

In this event, Garena also turns out to be quite good, you will be given a free opportunity for the first time to shoot. If for example, you are very lucky, of course this Elusive Soul Bundle in Brazil can be obtained by players for free, of course. Even so, maybe in Indonesia the prizes will be different.

Apart from getting a Bundle, you will also get a balloon token in this event. Of course those of you who are not lucky to get the bundle, can immediately exchange this Token for the prize on the left.

That place is a token exchange, so you can later exchange the tokens that have been obtained in large quantities.

But after shooting for free, of course you will be told to use Diamond to shoot the next one. So try to always prepare lots of diamonds, if for example you are not lucky in an event like this.

Reportedly an event with a performance like this will be present in Indonesia, but it has not been announced when will it be. We hope that Garena presents a cool bundle for Indonesian players, from in this event and of course the bundle is very rare.

By providing an event, of course this Free Fire game player will never be bored. Because they can receive lots of good and attractive prizes, if they take part in the event that is being presented by Garena right now. So don’t miss these Garena events, because you will definitely regret missing them.

That’s it, Thank You and Greetings, Booyah.

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