Free Fire 2020 Cheap Auction House FF Event

There is a Free Fire 2020 Cheap Auction House Event that you can get. As we know, the events that are presented by Garena in the Free Fire game, always get a lot of positive responses from the players. This is because the gifts presented are very unique and quite cool. And the missions that are presented for each player are not difficult to complete, there are even some players who have successfully completed it in 1 day.

In addition, there are several events presented by Garena in the game using Diamonds. If interpreted, that is called a Paid Event. When this event occurs, you must use Diamond as a sign of participating in the event. Usually events using Diamonds are in Web Events or Royale.

Every event presented by Garena never disappoints the players, because the prizes presented are quite interesting. Of course, this paid event will release a lot of diamonds, but besides the main prize you can get many other interesting prizes.

Now there is a new event that Free Fire players can participate in. A new event with a new look for the Free Fire game later.

On this occasion we will provide some information about the latest Auction House Free Fire Event presented by Garena Free Fire Indonesia.

Curious? Immediately, we see the explanation in the article below.

Free Fire 2020 Cheap Auction House FF Event

In the Free Fire Auction House Event this time, you can get a variety of interesting items and cool bundles at affordable prices. You can get these items by using Diamonds, but of course you won’t lose too much because there are many interesting things in this event.

Uniquely, on the FF Event of the Free Fire 2020 Cheap Auction House this time, you can determine prices for items in the Auction House. Of course you shouldn’t miss this, but don’t just put the price up to 1 Diamond.

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Many items are provided in the FF Free Fire 2020 Auction House Event. It was reported that there were several people who managed to get the Bundle at a very cheap price at this event.

Can Get Cheap Free Fire Items!

The auction itself already exists in the real world. So the system will have several people offering their prices on an attractive item. For example, A offers a price of 200 thousand for the item, then B offers a price of 400 thousand for the item and C offers a price of up to 1 million.

Automatically Person C will win from the auction of the item.

It is also reported that the Auction House Free Fire Event system is the same as that. You can also increase the prices for items in the FF Event for the Auction House. So that later you can get the item you wanted for a long time.

The Auction House FF event will take place from February 17, 2020 to February 23, 2020. Short chance. So you can’t miss this cool Auction House Free Fire Event.

So, that’s the information on the Free Fire Auction House Event that we can convey on this occasion. What do you think? Are you interested in joining this ff event?

That’s it, Thank You and Greetings, Booyah.

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