Free Fire 2020 Awakening Shard Function, FF Players Must Know!

Free Fire is one of the best games available to date, even the total game has also been well developed. In the future, Garena will present many new things for free fire players. So that they too, will not be bored later. There are even lots of Free Fire Characters, which you can use.

Each character, has abilities that are strong enough and help to win. In fact, you will also later be able to provide the Best Free Fire Character Combination. With this, later you can get 4 Abilities in just 1 Character.

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Besides that, you can later try a variety of other pretty good new updates. Even now, there is a Ramadan Booyah Event with quite a lot of prizes. So you can harvest lots of prizes, by following this event.

For now, the Free Fire game system is more numerous than before. For example, such as the character Awakening System which is currently quite busy being used. So later on, you can increase the performance of the characters who receive awakening.

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When an awakening is carried out, of course, the character will receive many changes and the latest functions. So that it becomes better, and of course, unique again.

On this occasion we will explain the information on the Free Fire Character Awakening Function.

Curious? Immediately, we see the explanation, in the article below.

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Awakening Shard Free Fire function

As we know, Garena Free Fire made a major update for February 2020. Where the update introduced the latest thing, namely the awakening of the character Kelly Free Fire. Now, to carry out the awakening, the players must complete the kelly ff awakening mission provided by Garena free fire with the main prize of awakening shard free fire.

So, awakening shard itself has a function as a basic ingredient when free fire players want to awaken character. Then, what’s the point of awakening the free fire character?

Free Fire Character Awakening Function

  1. The Emergence of New Abilities

When you give an awakening to the character, a strong new ability will automatically appear. For example, like Kelly today, even her awakening provides a very dangerous ability.

You also need to know the Kelly Awakening Deadly Counter, so that later you can overcome it. So that you guys, too, won’t be easily defeated by that counter either.

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  1. Much Cooler Appearance

In addition to getting these new abilities, later on, these characters will become even more interesting. Even the appearance that was given, was quite good and very different from before.

Like Kelly, at first he looks quite geeky and not too strong. But for now, it looks stronger and more sinister to be challenged to a duel.

  1. You Can Dominate the Match

Then you can dominate the Free Fire match. Due to the ability of the character who is exposed to this awakening, it becomes stronger and meta-like. Even Kelly Awakening, there are 2 abilities.

The first is the initial ability, which is running fast, and the second is the ability where he can deal Burst Damage. After running, later the first attack given to the enemy will be bigger. Even though it hit the body, the damage was almost equivalent to a headshot.

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So it’s certain, this Awakening is indeed very good and you shouldn’t miss it.

So, those are some of the information that we can convey on this occasion. How? You can also try some of the Best Free Fire Sniper Weapons, to defeat enemies from a distance. As well as knowing various Unique Facts about Jota Free Fire, where he is a character from Indonesia.

That’s it, Thank You and Greetings, Booyah.

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