Free Epic Skins at the Special Valentine Mobile Legends Web Event (ML)

There is a Free Epic Skin at the Valentine Mobile Legends Special Web Event, this time you can get the opportunity to get the Epic Limited Skin, curious how? Now the event seems to be back in early February, what’s different is the Flip Card Game which is present this time is a special Valentine in Mobile Legends. Then how do you get Free Epic Skins at the Valentine Mobile Legends Special Web Event?

Not only in-game events, Moonton also seems to often present Web Events to provide skins for free to its users. Unmitigated, for web events, Moonton usually provides the opportunity to get Epic skins!

Several Web Events have also attended previously. Precisely at the release of the hero Paquito, Moonton presents a Web Event called the Flip Card Game and presents an epic skin prize in it.

How to Get Free Epic Skins at the Special Valentine Mobile Legends Web Event

As you know, this one event is not present in the game in your Mobile Legends so you can’t find it in the game. Conversely, for those who want to take part in this event, you can do it at the following event link.

Don’t worry, this Web Event is 100% safe, you will be directed to the Moonton official website and log in automatically if you have the Mobile Legends game on your smartphone. Now for those who are curious, see the following method.

  • First, please go to the Flip Card Game Event page via this link.
  • Next, please complete the tutorial on how to play by having the 2 cards provided.
  • Next, please log in by finding the options provided.
  • We recommend using Quick Log in because it is easier and faster
  • After successfully logging in, you will get several attempts that have been provided
  • Lastly please have a card available by getting the same card.
  • Done, you have successfully participated in the card flip event to get free skins!

In addition, to get free Epic skins, you can complete the missions provided, some of which include completing the tutorial, getting the same card, and completing 3 rounds of events.

That way you can have the opportunity to get Epic skins in Mobile Legends for free. Then what if your number of attempts is not enough to complete the existing event? Take it easy, you can add attempts in the following way.

To add attempts, you can invite your friends to play this game, share events and also some of the missions provided. Now, complete the mission and you will get additional Attempts.

Isn’t it easy to get Free Epic Skins at the Valentine Mobile Legends Special Web Event? Hopefully the above reviews can be of use to those of you who are currently looking for free skins! See you later. Don’t forget to keep practicing, play wisely and don’t become a toxic player!

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