Free Bundle and Awakening Shard Free Fire on Trickster FF

Good news for Free Fire players because this time it is good news. Leaks of the latest upcoming event on Free Fire. In the event later in Free Fire, we will get lots of free items from the event. You can get lots of interesting items such as free bundles and awakening shard free fire on the FF trickster. Here we will provide some information about the new event this time on Free Fire.

The event this time is named Trickter parade event. The event in Free Fire will take place on 10 July – 21 July 2020. To get free items at this event, you only have to complete the missions given from the event. Of course, in this limited time, you can get it for nothing. You can get free prizes such as Deathbox, Surfboard, Pet Skin, Emote Pet, bags, and the main prize Flame Fighter Bundle and Awakening Shard at this event.

There are also many missions that you have to complete, such as daily missions, Login, Travel missions, Peak day and new modes that you can play. The mission is also not too difficult. Most of you only have to log in, play with friends, and kill missions in certain games, so you can complete missions easily. There is also a login event here, so you have to log in more often, in order to get even better items.

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Here we will provide details of the events in Free Fire that will take place. This one free event will be very dear if you pass it. Lots of free items that you can get, and cool bundles and even awakening shards. If you complete the existing missions, you can get cool free items.


In this daily mission, you only have to log in, play with friends and get kills to get tokens that you can exchange for other items later.

Event period: 10-19 July 2020 (except Peak Day on July 18)

List of missions:

  • Login 1x = 2x Dice Token
  • Play 3x with friends = 2x Dice Token
  • Main 6x = 1x Dice Token
  • Kill 6x = 1x Dice Token

The total tokens you get every day are 6 Dice Token.


After you collect tokens from the Daily mission earlier, you can exchange them in the following Exchange tokens. The main prize is a skin bundle which is very cool.

Event period: 10-21 July 2020

Prize List:

  • 35 Dice Token + 1 Diamond Token (Peak Day Token) = Flame Fighter Bundle
  • 8 Dice Tokens = Avatar-Wicked Joker
  • 8 Dice Tokens = Banner-Royal Flush
  • 4 Dice Tokens = Wasteland Weapon Loot Crate
  • 2 White Bead = Treasure Map


“Big Head mode is unlocked for a limited time!”

The event to open a new mode will be reopened for a limited time.

Event period: 10-12 July 2020


This one event is very easy and has very dancing prizes. By logging in for 5 days, you will get a Deathbox Chips Case prize.

Event period: 12-19 July 2020

List of prizes:

  • Login 1 day = 1x Ottero Box
  • Login 2 days = 2x Loot Crate Musical Couple
  • Login 3 days = 2x Ottero Box
  • Login 4 days = 4x Loot Crate Musical Couple
  • Login 5 days = Deathbox-Chips Case


“Cover 50,000m, get the Malice Joker Surfboard grand prize!”

This event, which requires you to continue running in Free Fire, has the main prize for the Malice Joker Surfboard.

Event period: 14-19 July 2020

10,000m = 1x Ottero Box
Traveled a distance of 25,000m = 2x Ottero Box
Covered a distance of 50.000m = Surfboard-Malice Joker

Explosive Jump Mode Open

Event period: 17-19 July 2020

Bomb Squad Open Mode

Event period: 17-21 July 2020

Peak Day Mission

This is the main event that requires you to log in. Because, to get the free bundle, you have to get a Diamond Token. Well, how to get it is easy. You only have to log in on the start date of the Peak Day event.

Event period: 18 July 2020 (Peak Day)

List of missions:

  • Login 1x = 4x Dice Token + 1x Diamond Token
  • Play 3x with friends = 4x Dice Token
  • Main 6x = 2x Dice Token
  • Kill 6x = 2x Dice Token


You can also get attractive prizes when you log in on certain dates.

Event period: 18-19 July 2020 (Peak Day)

List of missions:

1 day login = Backpack-Royal Flush
2 days login = Awakening Shard

Aftermatch Drop

“Only valid on Peak Day, get Drop Ottero Box after the game!”

On the 18th, when you play, you have a chance to get the following prizes.

Event period: 18 July 2020 (Peak Day)

List of prizes:

  • (25%) Pet Emote-Ottero Show Off
  • (10%) Ottero’s Skin-Neon Pet
  • (100%) Ottero Box (max 10)

2x Exp Gold Fragment Limit

“Get 2x more Gold, Exp and Fragments during Peak Day!”

During Peak Day, you get additional Exp on Gold Fragments.

Event period: 18 July 2020 (Peak Day)

That’s the list of the latest events that you can try on Free Fire later. This new event provides many attractive prizes for free, which you can try later.

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