FF VSS Weapons Will Change In Free Fire?

There is a change in the VSS FF Weapon Issue in the Free Fire Update which will be coming later, of course this will be one of the news and information that is quite good. Especially if for example at that time, this weapon was indeed quite rarely used. So it is only natural that, for example, VSS really needs a change so that it becomes more Overpowered in free fire.

In the future, every weapon in the Free Fire game is indeed quite good and very interesting. Of course that way we also have to know, that there are several types of Free Fire Weapons that can be used quite well and correctly. Later, you all can do it too, use this weapon quite well and provide the right combination too.

So on this occasion, we will provide some new information where it relates to VSS weapons. Of course, this way we all will, too, will not want to lose sight of being able to try this weapon. Curious? Immediately, we see the explanation in the article below.

VSS Weapon Issues Changed in the Next Free Fire Update

Every weapon that is presented in this game is indeed quite good and very cool. Of course, don’t forget to do this for all of you, to be able to try all of these weapons. For this matter, you guys, don’t forget about it. Because this is indeed so, one thing that is quite important for all of us.

Indeed, until now there are a lot of weapons that are strong enough, for us to use when competing later. But you also have to know that at this time, there are some weapons that are not selling well and are still one that are rarely used. One of these weapons is the VSS, where this weapon is an SMG type which is rarely used by players.

Has his ability changed?

The abilities provided by this weapon, are indeed quite lacking and definitely won’t help us in killing the enemy. Even though it has a long firing range, it is not very good for this SMG. Because what we know today, the SMG is one of the weapons with a short and fast firing range.

VSS The advantage is only in the Range section, the rest is not too good to use for damage or fire rates. The news that will come later, this weapon will undergo a new change, which is said to be even better. Of course, that way you will not be bored to use this VSS weapon.

According to the current issues, VSS will experience a large additional damage. In addition, there is an increase in the Fire Rate, which is even faster, as well as a reduction in range. The point in that range is a big minus, for this weapon. But in terms of the damage and fire rate of the VSS weapon, it has been increased to be even better later.

There must be a time too, VSS will be the newest Meta SMG in this Free Fire game.

The abilities given to each weapon in this game are quite good and very cool. So that way all of you won’t be bored later, to use this weapon in the future. Especially with all of you, you will definitely be even more interested in trying to play the Free Fire game for a long time.

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