FF Independence Event and Free Fire Flag Token

Soon, Indonesia will celebrate a celebration commemorating independence day on 17 August. In this case, every game in Indonesia is likely to have an event about the 74th Indonesian Independence Day commemoration. One of them is the Free Fire Game which is the busiest trend in Indonesia. Namely, the FF Independence Event where there is a Free Fire flag token

Without you knowing, Free Fire will prepare several RI 74th Anniversary Events very lively and have various kinds of very good prizes for all of you. If you take part in this event and finish it, you will get prizes from these events. We have several events that will attend the FF Independence event this time!

The events that will be present this time will be much more exciting, what FF Independence Events will be attending? This is it!

FF Independence Event and Free Fire Flag Token

1. Sack Race Competition Event

Who doesn’t know Sack Racing? This event, which is always present when celebrating Indonesia’s independence, will also be present in this Free Fire game. But the difference is, this event is done by means of Lucky Spin by using Diamonds which you can fill into the game. Every spin requires 50 Diamonds, and you will also get a discount for 10 times Spin and 50 times at once.

You will also be able to spin the Super Race which will have 2 times a fair chance of getting the Grand Price by paying 75 Diamonds.

Every 5, 10, 20, up to 50 Spins, you will get additional prizes, such as a Lucky Draw, Skin for the characters you have and skin for your Pet.

2. Break the Balloon

This event is an event that I like, even though this event only pops balloons filled with water, but the excitement is very big and this event is present in the Free Fire Game in a different way from reality but of course it will be fun too, of course.

Popping balloons in this event will be done by using flag tokens which can be obtained by playing as usual.

One flag token will be given every first login every day, and you will also get another flag token by killing 3 enemies in the game.

After you have obtained the Flag Token by using the 1 Flag Token that you have obtained. You can also break 5 balloons at once by requiring 5 flag tokens.

The prizes from this event are quite interesting and very profitable. You have the opportunity to get Caroline Characters, Weapon Skins, 100 Thousand Credit and many others. There is another Grand Prize, namely the Samsung A70 Smartphone, in total there are 2 grand prizes that you can bring if you are lucky.

Get Free Fire Flag Token

3.Donation of Veteran Heroes and Teachers

The flag token that you get will be entered into this event and you can also help people by carrying out this event. Every 1 token you get, will be converted into 1 Rupiah, the target of this event is 17 million tokens.

If the number of tokens that the player has collected reaches 17 Million Tokens, then Free Fire will provide a Contribution of 17 Million Rupiah for Two Veteran Heroes and a selected Teacher.

That way you have been very helpful by donating 51 million Rupiah.

4.Event to Watch the Summer League Final

As we can see, the Summer League is nearing the final.

By watching this match together, you will also get a pretty interesting and very good prize.

For 50 thousand, 100 thousand and 150 thousand viewers at the same time, Free Fire will give several prizes. Good prizes like 5 Loot Crate Weapon Skins, Rafael Characters and Skin Deluxe Bundle for Rafael.

You can watch the Live Final on Garena Free Fire’s Official Youtube on August 18, 15.00 WIB.

What do you think about this event? Very interesting, right? Hopefully you can get the Grand Prize prize.

Oh yes, if you log in on August 17th then you will get the August 17 Special Avatar and Banner for Free!

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