Evos eSports ‘Decoy’ Strategy in the Playoffs Round of MDL ID Season 2!

Even though they managed to get ahead of Genlifx Aerowolf Jr with a score of 1-0, Evos eSports still held back. The reason is, the same 3 heroes are again used by EVOS on games 2. On the other hand, GFLX Jr did the same.

Take into account the innings playoffs, it is reasonable to do. Given that RRQ Sena is a team that has been waiting in the semifinals. Of course, keeping your mainstay strategy wisely will be very helpful.

Use each other draft almost the same, EVOS won again games 2. With this victory, EVOS will face RRQ in the semifinals which will take place tomorrow.

However, apart from holding back a flagship strategy, EVOS appears to be trying to do something. Where at 2 games successively, EVOS seems to want their strategy to be unpredictable. They do this by presenting helper at each games-his.

Intrigued by the strategy helper from the Evos eSports? Just take a look at the discussion below!

Pool Hero

The tendency of EVOS to secure its flagship strategy is quite evident from their meeting with GFLX Jr. Where EVOS managed to surprise GFLX Jr. at games 1 by presenting Thamuz as midlaner.

However, EVOS is back using Thamuz midlaner it is on games 2. On the other hand, Claude EVOS IRISH is also back as a mainstay, as well as Ruby as offlaner. EVOS shows only 2 hero pool different in the area mid lane they.

The GFLX Jr. also seems to know about EVOS IRISH’s agility. Even 3 members of GFLX Jr immediately performed ganking against Claude EVOS IRISH in the early minutes of the match games 2.

Unfortunately, EVOS members seem to be quite good at every hero they rely on, especially EVOS IRISH. Where even though he made it at-pick off, but EVOS IRISH was still able to avenge his death and score points kill be 1-1.

Of course, the aim of this effort is quite clear. Where to face RRQ Sena is definitely not an easy opponent to beat. Add more, playoffs MDL ID which is single elimination.

As a result, each team must very wisely determine each step and the strategies that need to be used.


Most likely, EVOS put a lot of effort into saving their strategy because of RRQ Sena. Where RRQ was able to win quite easily over Bigetron Bravo on match first afternoon today.

Of course, even though they are able to qualify for the semifinals, EVOS will suffer a big loss if they reveal their strategy to the competitors in the round. playoffs too early.

Although in the end EVOS was able to achieve satisfactory results. Interestingly, EVOS also covered their goals with a strategy that was quite unique. Where is EVOS at 2 games successively continues to present helper.

Where helper the first with Thamuz midlaner, and helper on games 2 where EVOS sends EVOS Tyrants in starting line up they. Of course, change starting line up will present game play different.

The problem is, EVOS tends to use draft something similar. Therefore, the entry of EVOS Tyrants can be concluded as an attempt by EVOS to make their playing patterns tend to be abstract and unpredictable.

In addition, EVOS is able to emphasize that they have various strategy patterns and player options that are able to put pressure on RRQ Sena in tomorrow’s semifinals. That’s the strategy helper Evos eSports in the round playoffs MDL ID Season 2!

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