Esports is a business, very profitable?

Esports is indeed different from conventional sports. In terms of media, methods, and others, it is certainly difficult to equate. But you could say that esports is a business and we can see this can be compared to a top level sport. Baim Wong, Doyok, and Delwyn as CEO of Alter Ego also discussed this topic.

Indeed, the age of esports is actually still very new and young, especially in Indonesia. Very booming around the 2000s with Unreal Tournament, Starcraft, and several other games only now that esports is being debated as a sport.

Just like any other sport, esports is very competitive. With different games that have different competition rules such as tournaments and leagues, it will certainly be very fierce. Not only that, there is also one important thing that will encourage the desire to play, namely money.

Here we will discuss what really esports is a very good business. Even if we pay attention, there are already many brands and companies that have the courage to invest heavily. Luxury cars such as Mercedes Benz and BMW are invested in tournaments and several European teams to small brands that support their country’s local scene.

Esports Is a Profitable Business?

Esports itself in Indonesia has actually been quite active for a long time, even though it has not really entered the realm of the mainstream media. If you are old players, you must have been active watching Unreal, CS, and Dota which dominated at that time. But the intense competition outside made many Indo teams not strong.

Lately, Mobile Legends is also arguably the most popular game in Indonesia, even though it is less popular in other countries. The Esports scene is great thanks to Moonton and other team organizations who have dared to invest heavily, proving that this is successful.

In fact, this made Baim Wong curious and asked Delwyn Sukamto, as CEO of Alter Ego. Baim asked whether the Esports realm had any results (luckily) or how, Delwyn answered simply, of course there was.

But keep in mind, as the business is certainly still “losing money”. This was conveyed by Delwyn that even though it is starting to be profitable, the initial investment compared to now is still losing money. Therefore, if you look at big teams like EVOS, RRQ, AE, ONIC, of ​​course they dare to make a lot of money.

It is hoped that in the future the esports scene in Indonesia will be more friendly to smaller organizations, teams, or players. With that, the ecosystem will certainly develop even faster and faster, not just the ones above.

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