Epic Games Banned Player Fornite Signaling While Playing!

This week Fortnite stated that there is a risk of banning players who “signaling“To other players. That is, Epic Games Banned Player Fornite Signaling During Games.

Fortnite does not have a chat feature, both text and voice to other players outside the team, signaling is a method used by Fortnite players to communicate through actions provided by the game.

Epic Games Banned Player Fornite Signaling While Playing!

Continuously swinging a pickaxe, dancing emotes, jumping jumping and shooting weapons into the sky are examples of this. This was mentioned by Epic on the blogpost which was published last January 20.

Signaling Update – Competitive Fortnite 2020

  • Swinging the pick-ax
  • Emote
  • Throwing toys
  • Jump

Many who are hesitant about this new rule such as jumping to avoid snipers, swinging pick-axes because of boredom, etc. can get banned which in fact this player has no problem. But Epic has stated that he will not arbitrarily ban people who are suspected of signaling.

Epic will try to filter out people who deliberately team-up by signaling, not players who have no problems. Many pro-players and streamers supported the new rules because there were so many against them. team-up and streamsniping is one small example.

The pros and cons of this rule are still growing, whatever the result of this new Epic rule, Fortine will definitely get a pretty big change.

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