Epic Comeback ML! Bigetron Alpha Successfully Defeats Geek Fam ID!

The results of the MPL ID Season 6 on week 6 on 3 days present a match between Geek Fam ID and Bigetron Alpha. Which is the top 3 team of this standings must be defeated first when against Geek Fam ID, and managed to return things and win the match.

Until this 6th week, Bigetron Alpha has managed to give a win streak in the MPL ID Season 5 regulating season. This time Bigetron Alpha won over Geek Fam ID with a final score of 2-1.

But on top of that victory Bigetron Alpha must earn it hard. The reason is, in the first match, Bigetron Alpha was left behind by Geek Fam ID.

The match lasts three matches. In the first game, Bigetron Alpha performed quite well in the early to mid game. But it is quite unfortunate, in the late game they have to be overwhelmed.

They continued to play in the early phase, but in the late game there were quite a few late game heroes that made Geek Fam successfully make a comeback. Yes, there is Uranus and also Baxia who are like tanks plus Natalia who we know is a very good late game hero.

With this row of heroes, Geek Fam ID managed to restore the situation and won the first match. The victory was also due to their consistency and only targeting the opponent’s hyper carry, namely Lancelot, played by Maxxx. With a score of 20-20, the first game was officially won by Geek Fam ID.

Losing in the first game, Bigetron Alpha started to seriously play in the second game. Which Bigetron Alpha managed to succeed and successfully dominate the game and managed to beat Geek Fam ID very quickly. The second game ended in the 13th minute with a dominating final score of 16-6.

Continued in the third game which became the determination between this very fierce match. Again, Bigetron Alpha performed very well. They did not give the slightest chance for Geek Fam ID to win.

Bigetron Alpha really mastered the matches in the early game, firstly, Renbo’s great action using Yi Sun Shin as support was quite interesting. On the other hand, Maxxx as Hyper Carry using Harith performed quite well.

Renbo using Yi Shun Shin managed to become an MVP with a 100% kill particulator. Which in every team fight he takes part in the fight.

With a very fast game, Bigetron Alpha managed to win the match in the 12th minute with a total score of 11-2. This time, Geek Fam ID has nothing to do with it.

With this, Bigetron Alpha has succeeded in strengthening its line-up in the top position, while for Geek Fam ID it has ended at the caretaker and most likely will not qualify for the Playoffs.

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