Elements Pro Gaming Release Their 2 Roster

Once again, one of the European teams announced changes to their roster, Elements Pro Gaming as a Russian team just announced the release of their 2 players, but there is one thing that is quite unique here.

Among the two players that came out were Swifending and Pingvincek, what was unique here was the Pingvincek player who had just joined EPG on May 10 and it hasn’t been quite a month since he decided to leave his team. Meanwhile, Swifending itself is one of the oldest players who have survived since the Elements One team moved to Elements Pro Gaming, which disbanded its roster on August 25 last year.

source, dotabuff.com

Unfortunately no reasons were conveyed from both the team and the players, but maybe we can see that reason from the EPG’s last performance which looked quite dropping. Got quite a lot of losing streaks, and especially when they faced Natus Vincere a week ago which made the EPG really look lifeless.

With the release of the 2 players, there are only 3 players left from the EPG:

  • Damir ‘Mitch‘Skaricic
  • Nikola ‘LeBronDota‘Popovic
  • Gordan ‘g0g1‘Proshic

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