Effective Ways 2 + 2 Free Fire Formation To Intercept Squad

Free Fire has many strategies for you to use. You can use the safe or the risky way, depending on the situation and conditions. Not only that, you also need the right formation, so you can attack enemies easily. So, you have the advantage when playing against existing enemies. Here, we will discuss Strategy in Free Fire.

Free Fire has many characters to use, and each character has different skills. The weapons that you can use also vary, so you can use certain weapons for certain conditions. If you can play and shoot well, this will make it easier for you to attack enemies solo or squad. This will be better, if you use a good strategy and formation, in attacking the enemy.

You can use certain characters in filling existing roles, so that you can attack the squad well. For example, you use Jota as a rusher, Kapella as support, and Kelly as a Flanker. Depending on the way you play, this role can help you in attacking the squad.

Here we will discuss about Effective 3 + 1 Free Fire Formation Methods to Intercept Squad. This 2 + 2 formation is quite popular and effective in attacking enemies. How to use this formation is also quite easy and can help you attack the enemy.

Effective Method 2 + 2 Formation

Effective Ways 2 + 2 Free Fire Formation To Intercept Squad

The formation is quite effective to use, when fighting an enemy squad. You can use 2 Support / Tanks that hold enemies on the front lines, and 2 Flankers that kill enemies from behind. This formation is fairly safe for the team, because 2 supports can help each other to hold off the enemy, while the flank will attack the enemy from behind using melee weapons.

Maybe you will rely more on Flank in bringing down the enemy, but if the enemy is focused on the flank, Support can attack the enemy to divert attention. This formation is also effective in intercepting enemies, so it will be difficult for them to escape from you.

Character Recommendations


You can use supports like a combination of Kapella and Dj Alok, so they can look after each other. With these two supports, you won’t die easily.


For the Flanker part, you can use characters like Kelly or Caroline, who have high movement speed skills. You can approach the enemy more easily and finish him off. You also use 1 sniper to shoot enemies from unexpected directions and make detailed observations.


You can also replace Flanker with Rusher. If you use Rusher, you can use characters like Jota or Joseph. They Bedua can be a strong Rusher in attacking enemies from the front line. That way, you can finish off the enemy faster.

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Even though this formation looks strong, it’s actually quite risky. You have to be careful, especially Flankers, in attacking the enemy. Because, squads don’t always exist at one point. Pay attention to the large number of squads and estimate where the enemy team members are to estimate their movements.

Those are some tips on how to effectively 2 + 2 Free Fire Formation to Intercept Squad that you can try with your friends. You can use other characters that you think are better, but you have to be able to complete the task well. Working well together, can help you in using this formation.

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