Easy Ways to Unblock WhatsApp by Others 2020

WhatsApp is often used to communicate with other people. Surely you feel sad and annoyed if your contacts are blocked by other people. This will make you unable to contact him. It hurts when our contacts are blocked by other people. You must think that this person doesn’t want to have any contact with you at all.

Contacts who block us will be visible from their profile photo. You can’t see the profile, only the picture default only. Apart from that, you also couldn’t see the sign last seen and on line.

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The messages you send only have one tick mark. The most obvious feature is that you cannot make calls or video calls. Well, now you know the characteristics of the contacts that block you.

Unblock WhatsApp without changing the number

You don’t need to be sad if your contacts are blocked, guys. You should first talk to that person why he blocked your contact. But if you still don’t respond, there is a way to unblock the person without having to change a new number. But beforehand, make sure the chat that you previously backed up.

Here are the steps you must take to unblock without changing your number:

  1. Open the settings menu on Instagram by pressing menu settings, then choose an option account
  2. Choose an option delete my account. Make sure all the chats are yours backup so as not to lose important data
  3. Delete the WhatsApp application on your Android, clean all cache. After that, reinstall the WhatsApp application on your Android
  4. Re-create a WhatsApp account using the same number
  5. You can successfully unblock it if you can see the profile and status of the contact who blocked you

Unblock WhatsApp by changing the number

The method above does not always work and has the potential to erase data on the WhatsApp account. You can use other methods, namely by changing your number. Here are the steps you have to do:

  1. Open the menu settings, then choose an option account
  2. Choose an option change number, then press next. Enter the old cellphone number and the new number
  3. Activate the new number by entering the 6 digit number sent via SMS. You have successfully changed the number if there is already notification
  4. Check the contact who blocked you whether it is open or not
  5. You can redial the number that previously blocked your contact

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That’s how other people do unblocking WhatsApp. You can still contact the contact who blocked you before, guys. Hopefully this is useful.

Greetings technology!

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