Easy Ways To Sell Online Through Facebook For Beginners

Facebook is increasingly becoming a large social media platform. Especially since acquiring various other social media. Now Facebook is not only used for posting photos and stories. The use of Facebook is more than that and has even penetrated the business world.

Yep! Lots of Facebook users take advantage of this one social media to do business online. Sales are even more in demand if you know selling tips on Facebook.

The way to sell online on Facebook is quite different from marketplaces, such as Shopee, Tokopedia and various other e-commerce sites. The problem is that Facebook is not a marketplace, but a social media platform.

However, many users use it to be used as a promotional media for their selling products. There are various features and menus developed by Facebook to accommodate this, namely the Facebook Marketplace. Let’s see how to sell online on Facebook, guys!

How to sell via Status on Facebook

The first way to sell on Facebook that you can do is through Status. Yep! This status column can not only be used to update your latest news, guys. you can use it to bring in money. The method is the same as when you update your status as usual. But you need to do a promotion by including your name, price and also the items you sell.

Use a strategy so that your posts are attractive to your friends. The problem is the Facebook timeline will usually be filled with status that is full of interactions. You can also create a new account if you really want to separate your personal life from your business matters, guys. Then add friends according to the market segment and sell online.

How to sell online via Facebook Groups

Another way to sell online on Facebook is to take advantage of existing groups on Facebook. Look for community groups on Facebook that have interests and are in accordance with the product you are selling. If you sell K-Pop merchandise, then you can join the K-pop fan community group and market your products in that group. This method of selling on Facebook groups is more powerful than selling on status because you will find people who have an interest in a particular topic or hobby. Just look for the one that suits your product.

How to sell on the Facebook Marketplace

Facebook also has a marketplace feature that you can use to market products. This can be an alternative if it turns out that the group you are joining actually prohibits selling. So you can register to the Facebook Marketplace, which is specifically provided by Facebook to sell. The method is also very easy. Here are the steps you need to take to register for the Facebook Marketplace:

  1. The first step you need to do is to log into Facebook
  2. Click on the button marketplace on the left side of the screen
  3. Now click on topsi Create new listing
  4. Choose the type of item that you will sell
  5. Upload a photo of your merchandise and complete the details
  6. Click publish and your merchandise will slide!

technology greetings! So that’s the way to do online business on Facebook, guys. The method is actually very easy, right? As long as you want to mean it and do these tips. Hopefully your sales are selling well, guys.

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