Easy Lucid Dream Way in One Night

Lucid dreaming is a condition in which a person who is dreaming can consciously witness and control his dream. Although many dream experts believe that this is an ability that has been learned over a long period of time, the following ways can help you have a lucid dream in just one night. By preparing a few things before carrying out the technique, you will have a great opportunity to accept the dream consciously and remember what happened.

Expanding Dreams

1. Focus on your dream.

There is one technique known as Mnemonic Induction Lucid Dreaming (MILD) is a dream technique that requires you to recall things that have happened in previous dreams or at least know the characteristics of being in them. In this way it will make you aware when dreaming.

These characteristics may include the following.

  • Amazing view
  • Unknown location
  • Seeing someone you don’t know
  • Actions outside the fatwa
  • Wishes come true

2. Convince yourself that you will get interesting and memorable dreams.

Believe in yourself that when you wake up from sleep, you will remember the dream you had. This is like offering suggestions to the subconscious.

Say this before going to bed.
“I’m going to dream something interesting tonight, I can’t wait to go into a dream and see everything in detail”

3. Increase intake of vitamin B6

Many studies have shown that vitamin B6 can improve the ability to remember vivid dreams. If you ask where to get vitamin B6 intake? Vitamin B6 supplements are readily available at pharmacies and other drugstores. It is highly recommended to take one supplement before going to bed to remember dreams clearly. The following natural food ingredients can also be consumed to get vitamin B6 intake, including:

  • Avocado
  • Banana
  • Peas
  • Meat (beef, chicken, etc.)
  • Grains
  • Bread and cereal

4. Consuming melatonin

Melatonin is a hormone that is produced naturally in the body or artificially / synthetically through the laboratory. Melatonin helps regulate sleep cycles, in addition research shows that melatonin can increase the clarity (lucidity) when dreaming. This will give a person a great opportunity to realize his dream. Melatonin is available in pill form, etc., you can find it in pharmacies or other drugstores, it is recommended to consume according to a doctor’s prescription.

5. Consume 5-Hydroxytryptophan

This substance comes from another substance, namely L-Trytophan and is also produced from the seeds of the African plant (Griffonia simplicifolia). 5-Hydroxytryptophan or 5-HTP for short is taken to treat sleep disorders and several other conditions. Many believe that taking 5-HTP can help you receive vivid dreams. In addition to the things already mentioned, 5-HTP is also capable of causing side effects such as nausea and muscle problems. Negative interactions will arise if taken with other drugs such as anti-depressants. It is recommended to use a doctor’s prescription before taking 5-Hydroxytryptophan.

6. Take galantamine.

Galantamine? What drug?, galantamine is often prescribed to treat Alzheimer’s disease, this drug helps produce substances that improve brain function and memory. Several studies have shown that taking galantamine can improve dream clarity. Galantamine is available in tablet, capsule, and liquid form. You can find them in pharmacies. Side effects may occur such as stomach upset. It is recommended to consume it through a doctor’s offer.

Increase Awareness while dreaming

1. Conduct awareness checks.

Reality check or check awareness during dreaming continuously by asking yourself “Am I dreaming?” or “Am I awake”. These are known as awareness checks. If you think you are dreaming, it will help you reach a state of consciousness.

2. Practicing the WBTB technique

Wake Back to Bed or WBTB is a method used by creating a program to wake up one hour before you usually wake up. This will help you accept your dream when you are in the middle of a dream. You can use the alarm to practice the WBTB technique.

When the alarm wakes you, don’t just wake up from bed, but focus on starting a new dream or re-entering the dream you were having. To make it easier to re-enter a recent dream, remember the previous dream and imagine what happened.

3. Set an alarm to have a lucid dream.

Research shows that people usually dream after 90 minutes, so if you set an alarm during the dream period, you will have the opportunity to remember the dream you had. The alarm may not wake up fully from the dream, it’s beautiful to have a lucid dream. If you wake up, use the WBTB method to try to re-enter the dream, usually the dream will tend to be longer, so try setting an alarm 4, 5, 6, or 7.5 hours later.

Increase Chances of Getting Lucid Dreams

1. Make sure you get enough rest.

If you fall asleep when your body is tired, you may receive a deep sleep. This will cause problems to stand up and remember dreams. In addition, fatigue will make it more difficult to wake up in the middle of a dream. Try practicing lucid dreaming when your body is well rested.

2. Remember the dream as soon as you wake up.

Once you wake up from sleep try to remember the dream as soon as possible, do not move from your position in bed, talk, or other activities. Start imagining the dream and its details. Doing so will make you not easily forget the dream you just had.

3. Using a dream journal

As in the article How to easily lucid dream for beginners. Using a dream journal is the basis that many people practice to save dream memories through writing. Using a dream journal is highly recommended for beginners when practicing how to get lucid dreams. Keep a dream journal next to your bed, along with a pen or pencil.

Write down any memorable dream events, even if they are uninteresting and illogical.
If you can’t remember the whole thing, write down what chapters you remember, even if it’s just faces, locations, and other circumstances.
Do not get out of bed while writing a journal, with it the memory of dreams does not fade.

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