Drama Behind North with G2, KennyS Vs k0nfig

k0nfig players from the North, as we know once spit out arrogant words at the moment ESL Pro League Season 5 Grand Final between North and G2.

Previously the semi-final match between Team Liquid and G2 began, KennyS already said he wanted to face North in the grand final because he felt North was too arrogant and arrogant, Kenny wanted to show that winning one big tournament doesn’t mean anything in CS.

On the same day, G2 and North met, things started to heat up when the emcee asked for a response k0nfig about the statement that was thrown KennyS who was so passionate about defeating North. k0nfig replied with a fairly scathing remark “Good luck Kenny; I will F ** K you up“, If translated into Indonesian which means”Good luck Kenny; I will finish you“, This match situation is getting more intense.

The spectators’ camp at the tournament also seemed to dislike arrogance k0nfig, so the atmosphere of the audience really felt that G2 wanted to win this prestigious tournament.

“We have no problem if you support G2, and we will crush them to show who is the best in the world”, Said k0nfig replied to the audience who seemed like he himself realized that he was hated by the audience.

The audience hates Sankin to see the players’ behavior North this one, the stands to make a yell “k0nfig sucks d ** k“On the overpass map. You can hear it in the following video.

After that, there was a technical pause from North because k0nfig hitting the table very hard, of course there is quite a lot of damage, but not as bad as that of SIXER. Maybe the audience’s chants have been very disturbing and provoke the emotions of their own k0nfig.

North even after the map experienced a decline in performance, probably because of the psychology of the North players who were depressed by the sound of the large audience. Their poor performance was seen by the scores of Cobblestone (16-5) and Inferno (16-3).

After the Grand Final match was finished with the winning result for the G2 team, k0nfig He also explained through his Twitter page that everything the audience saw on the stage was just playing around.

But the reality is different, quoted from interviews between the media slingshotesports.com and apEX-a player from G2-, he said that the dislike between the G2 and North camps really happened in the real world.

“We really don’t like each other. We feel they are too arrogant. They won EPICENTER, and after that, it was impossible to even talk to them. We have a lot of players from France who have had 15 more wins than them, and they are not that arrogant. We don’t like arrogant people. ” Word apEX A 22-year-old player who just joined G2 in early 2017.

And “apEX” Madesclaire.

apEX even made a comparison of the attitude and humility of Brazilian team SK Gaming with that of North.

“For example, SK. SK has never been arrogant at all. They are the best people. Always be motivated all the time. They never say anything bad about other people, and we have to be that kind of person. North is not like that, we don’t like them eating. We really want to win this. It’s very important for us not to lose. we are eager to do timeout at position 15-3 (in the fourth map) just to make them feel annoyed. We are eager to do it. But we didn’t. It is arrogant, and we don’t want to be arrogant. So we decide and say no ”. Add apEX.

North especially k0nfig indeed have been known to often kill risky and insolent, for example in the ELEAGUE Major, k0nfig kill znajder from GODSENT using knife, considering it is overtime, it was very risky and could make North lose. But k0nfig don’t care and do it anyway. It’s the same with this G2 and North drama, k0nfig once again arguably the root of the problem.

Social Media Wars

Tension does not only occur between players, even on the social media of the two teams, they are mutually tweeting. Starting from G2 who threw “North, can you hear the roar? “, Hear The Roar is a slogan that North always uses in his posts, which means whether you can hear the roar.

But North also responded with a quite scathing tweet “Looks like they are using the wrong French flag, for you this is the right flag.”, A white flag that has a symbol of surrender.

The conflict between the two teams was also confirmed by Community Manager North, who through the reddit page, said “I know a lot of people think that he’s just doing a show, but this is 1: 1 Christian in real life, he’s just that: P.

North was originally a team from Denmark who previously played under the Team Dignitas banner, but their team was acquired by a big Danish football club, FC Copenhagen, then they changed their name to North team. It is also the first team to receive sponsorship from a major football team. While G2 is the result of the French Shuffle V2 where there is an exchange of players from G2 and EnVyUs.

This incident certainly made the views of people especially CSGO increasingly diverse. There are pros and cons, of course, the attitude of North shows a bad attitude because it does not respect G2 at all. Moreover, North is a team that is very new to this scene, it would be better if the words of the two teams were an encouragement for the two teams to be even better.

The Importance of Sportsmanship in Esports

In Indonesia, we know for ourselves how competitive the atmosphere is in Indonesia in particular, so far there has been no such incident as experienced by North and G2. It would be better if we also respect our opponents more in a number of ways, such as saying “glhf” during pre-game, or “good game” at the end of the game, and shaking hands when in a LAN tournament.

This shows sportsmanship very closely. The best example is during a major tournament in Poland, when Fnatic olofmeister is interviewed, VP supporters can be seen making mockery sounds in the stands, but Taz from VP immediately went up to the stage and begged VP supporters to insult Fnatic. Really good sportsmanship that should be shown often in any competitive scene.

What do you think about the two teams? Let’s also uphold esports sportsmanship in Indonesia!

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