Dota Players Response To Dota: Dragon’s Blood Anime Series

The latest anime that tells about Davion and Mirana’s journey is certainly awaited by many Dota players. So many dota players respond to Dota: Dragon’s Blood which is very interesting.

Not only ordinary players because there are some pro players who also respond to this. There is also very high enthusiasm considering that the studio that works on this anime is a studio that always manages to make animation projects.

For those who don’t know, this anime was made by Studio Mir. This South Korean studio is no doubt. The most popular ones are The Legend of Korra and several animations for DC Comics such as Batman and even Voltron!

Driven by Ashley Edward Miller who produced popular events such as X-Men: First Class, Thor, and Black Sails, his professionalism cannot be doubted. Dragon’s Blood garnered a lot of interest from fans.

Dota Player Response to Dota: Dragon’s Blood

Currently Dragon’s Blood only promises 8 episodes. This is a bit odd considering that usually Netflix animations hit 12 episodes or at least 10. But it is possible that per episode will be around an hour for this anime.

Many want the number of episodes to be increased, but it has already entered production, of course it can’t be changed anymore. But with this disappointment it must be a good sign that fan interest is very high.

With fans who can’t wait, of course this is very good for some parties. Dota can get a wider range of advertisements, Netflix is ​​growing in users, and also a satisfied audience.

Not to mention that Studio Mir, which has the best track record, can give the best for Dragon’s Blood. Just look at Legend of Korra which has good movements and good details as well as some really cool DC animations.

But the response is not only serious. There is also a joking response, for example coming from AdmiralBulldog. Bulldog is a former Dota pro player for the Alliance who won TI 2013.

Using the Twitch meme, AdmiralBulldog said there would be better anime about a more “macho” Ax. If you watch the stream often, this joke often comes out, especially when there is media share.

With the response of Dota players to Dota: Dragon’s Blood who is very active, Dota’s future will certainly look better. Hopefully Valve can be more active in providing entertainment and advertisements like this.

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