Don’t Miss It !, Weekend Sale Battle Pass Bundle 2019 Dota 2!

This time, don’t miss it! Weekend sale Battle Pass Bundle 2019 Dota 2 has arrived and this is the time for all of you to increase your battle pass level and get a wide variety of TI9 Immortal items collection. Ohiya, this promo is only available for this weekend. If you want to get exclusive TI9 battle pass items, this is the time!

Therefore, from now on you have to set aside some of your money to be able to buy a Battle Pass on the Weekend Sale Battle Pass Bundle 2019 Dota 2. The discount is quite enough to save your budget in raising the level of this Battle Pass 2019. starting from now until Monday morning, 1 July 2019. You can buy the 2019 Weekend Sale Battle Pass Bundle. For you hunters this TI9 battle pass collection is the perfect time !. You can buy the bundle for only Rp.429,999 where the bundle contains 120 battle levels, 9x Immortal Treasure I, 6x Immortal Treasure II, and of course 3x Immortal Treasure III.

Players will only be able to purchase one discount each. By buying this, you will save 75% of your purchases for levels and treasures at normal prices and of course each purchase will contribute 25% to the main prize of The International 2019.

It should be noted that when the normal price to buy a battle pass that can increase the level up to 120 levels will cost more than $ 45 and that price does not include the immortal items given to the battle pass bundle in this Weekend Sale Battle Pass Bundle 2019. This offer seems very attractive to people who are eager to get rare items at this TI9 opportunity, right?

So what are we waiting for? Let’s get the Battle Level Bundle as soon as possible, because the 75% OFF BUNDLE BATTLEPASS is limited only a few days away. So, it won’t be available any longer and let’s be part of the contribution to the huge grand prize. Make this year bigger than last year !. Also enliven the biggest tournament in the history of eSports dota 2.

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