Don’t Be Afraid, 5 Tips for Fighting A Sniper on PUBG Mobile!

PUBG Mobile has many weapons that you can use according to your preferences and your ability to control these weapons. The greater the damage caused by the weapon, the more difficult controlling it will be.

Some PUBG Mobile weapons that are considered terrible in terms of damage are Snipers.

5 Tips When Sniper Fighting on PUBG Mobile!

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Don’t Use Armor

Sniper is a type of weapon in PUBG Mobile that has the most damage when compared to other weapons. The amount of damage generated by the Sniper will certainly drain the percentage of the integrity of your Armor.

Armor like Helmet or Vest is better removed or not used when you are entering the moment of clashing Sniper. This is applied because you are worried that you will not be able to get the perfect armor again after finishing fighting Snipers.

It doesn’t matter if you are paralyzed several times because you don’t use Armor, but what is certain is that supplies of Consumeables and friends who are reviving have been prepared.

Aim the Enemy Behind the Protection or Cover

When playing Sniper, keep it closed so that your body, especially the head, is not easily shot by the enemy. You can look for cover such as behind a building wall, or behind a tree if there is no other cover.

Point the Crosshair at the Enemy’s Head

The head is the weakest part of the body, so the enemy can be easily paralyzed if you injure the head. But aiming at the head is also not easy, because basically the head has a small size compared to other bodies.

Don’t Make Much Movement

If you are behind a narrow and small cover, it would be good for you not to make much movement. Excessive movement may reveal parts of your body that the Sniper user can aim and shoot at.

Apply the Lean Position

Lean position is to aim at an angle so that the full body is not shown when aiming. This is useful for those of you if you want to quickly withdraw to avoid sniper fire.

Based on our explanation above, hopefully these methods can help you understand how easy tips are to compete with Snipers on PUBG Mobile. Thank you!

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