Donkey criticized Rekt and Luminaire, because of their EVOS performance

If we pay attention lately, EVOS is not very good in terms of their performance. Starting from the MPL who acted as a member to failing the MPLI. But at least against AE there is a little resistance. But yes, if Donkey criticizes Rekt and Luminaire then something is wrong.

Actually, if we pay attention, what is lacking from EVOS might be their “spirit”. It seems that EVOS makes a lot of small mistakes that lead to serious consequences, and this is fatal in pro play. But this is normal because EVOS, who is in the slump, might be able to rise later.

Now this criticism from Donkey might hit a bit even though it is true. It will be homework for EVOS, starting from the players to the coaches, which have to improve their performance again. Surely the MPL next season will be their main test because they were not invited to M2.

Here, let’s talk about Rekt and Luminaire being criticized by Donkey. Donkey even criticized other players such as Antimage, which as a new player, it is only natural. Rekt and Luminaire who are veterans must be able to lead EVOS’s newcomers.

Rekt and Luminaire criticized by Donkey

Apparently EVOS’s performance has recently been criticized by Donkey. Reporting from the Nimo stream, the pro players and other scenarios, it looks like Donkey is indeed quite the criticism from Rek and Luminaire.

Yes, actually it’s not just the two of them because other EVOS players also need input. But here Rekt and Luminaire are roughly EVOS veteran players who should be good examples for their younger siblings who have just entered the team.

Maybe EVOS needs time for their team to be even better. By increasing cooperation between teams, EVOS may be able to rise again to become the best team in Indonesia.

Until Donkey criticizes Rekt and Luminaire, EVOS has to look in the mirror. Don’t let them not be a strong team anymore. Not only the two of them because Antimage and LJ who are new players in EVOS also have to be able to adapt strongly.

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