Division of Groups and Explanation of PMWL 2020 League Play Phase!

In the PMWL tournament, of course the opening weekend is going to be very exciting. The number of teams competing with each other for points, all of them bite each other. With the opening weekend finished, of course the group phase will begin to open. This group phase will certainly be even more dangerous than the opening weekend. With the division of groups and an explanation of the PMWL 2020 league play phase, hopefully the readers will understand this phase.

In this PMWL 2020 tournament, after the opening weekend phase is over, the group phase begins. The group phase is determined by the division of the team by their points. This is so that there is a balance from the group that plays and of course can share strength in the group phase.

Divided into several groups, later only a few teams will escape from here. Later they will start competing in the main event after the group stage is over. Of course, these teams will compete with each other to come out as winners. Not only qualify because they are also eyeing the top bracket at the main event.

Here we will explain the division of the PMWL 2020 group for you. You must read it so you don’t get confused again later. This group stage will also start sometime after the opening weekend is over. This is for the teams to prepare and rest.


After the ending of the opening weekend, the group stage will immediately begin. Not given long time to rest and prepare, of course this competition will be even more deadly. Starting on July 14, 2020, these teams will bite each other to get the best points.

There are 20 teams that will compete with each other and are divided into various different groups. There are 5 groups available (A, B, C, D, E), each of which will be filled with 4 teams. This division will be based on the results of the standings from the opening weekend.

It will run until 2 August 2020, these teams will compete for the next 3 weeks. There are still two phases to compete in the upcoming League Play, namely League Weekend and Super Weekend

For the division of the group all will depend on the results of the standings where the top team will be found with the bottom team and continue so until it narrows down to the middle which ends in group E. You must understand the group division and the explanation of this PMWL 2020 league play phase.


As stated above, League Play will be divided into two phases again. The existence of League Weekend and Super Weekend will be quite interesting. 20 teams will compete against each other in a round robin format League Weekend. Here will take place every week on Tuesday and Wednesday, competing against each other to have a chance to play on Super Weekend. Super weekend will take place on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday of the same week.

From there, only 16 teams will have the opportunity to play in the Super Weekend as a result of the League Weekend results. It should be noted that only the points earned from the 3 super weekends will be used for the final qualification phase of PMWL 2020.

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That is information regarding the division of groups and an explanation of the PMWL 2020 league play phase. This tournament is indeed very interesting for you to watch. In addition to supporting your favorite team, of course, it can be used as a learning and strategy arena.

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