Dignitas takes the throne at Dreamhack Valencia

Dignitas takes the throne at Dreamhack Valencia

SAfter days that were very thrilling through the competitions finally dignitas made a surprise by grabbing the throne as the winner in the dreamhack valencia.

They came out as the winners of the dreamhack Valencia by beating Fnatic 3-2, when the first game of dignitas when strong but slowly fnatic followed until they equalized 2-2 until finally Dignitas won one last match and came out as champions.

The second regional EU Fall took place at ESL Gamescom on August 18-21 in Cologne, Germany. the winners of them will join dignitas in Anaheim, California at Blizzcon to represent Europe among the best teams in the world. There’s $ 1,000,000 in top prize at Blizzcon And a chance to prove who is the best Heroes of the Stroam team in the world

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