Difference between ordinary and plus Mystery Shop FF in Free Fire

We need to know the difference between the usual FF Mystery Shop and Plus in Free Fire, this is a trivial thing, but it turns out that the contents are quite useful if known easily. Of course you shouldn’t forget things like that either. Because indeed, if the event is presented in the Free Fire game, it must have a total and a different way to be felt.

Moreover, those who are currently present in the Free Fire game, there are lots of new and interesting things for you to have right now. That way we need to know first the Halloween Free Fire Mystery Shop Leaks, which at that time was not released until now. But maybe in the next month, there are several other new events that you can really take advantage of.

Updates in this game will bring good events too, but there must be the same event but the content is different. Listen directly to the explanation in the article below now.

Difference between ordinary and plus mystery shops in Free Fire

So when the event related to the Mystery Shop appears, we can get a variety of rare items and of course all of them have become even cheaper. Of course you shouldn’t forget things like this event because it’s profitable. But what is different from the Regular and Plus types for the Mystery Shop theme is presented in the Free Fire game.

Indeed, no one knows and doesn’t really pay attention to terms like this, but what is clear is that these differences are certainly visible too, huh. You must know that, for example, the Ordinary and Plus Mystery Shop, there can be changes to the Prizes section that is presented. Because those present at this prize are unique, there must be a variety of gifts that can be purchased.

Especially what we need to address if the ordinary Mystery Shop, we can also say the Mystery Shop with the newest gift theme. Yup, this is almost the same as some Mystery Shop Money Heist Free Fire, which used to be present in this Free Fire game. So you can say that the usual one is the Mystery Shop Original and the bundle that comes has never been released.

Nothing has been released yet!

Unlike Mystery Shop Plus, at this stage you will see one of the old Bundles reappearing in there. Then it’s not just 1 choice, because we have 3 old bundle options that all of them can get. That way you might be interested too, choosing one of the Bundles that were present in this game.

But for Mystery Shop Plus, enthusiasts who appear are very rare. Because most of them already have old Bundles present, and those who come are only people who are left behind. So with all these differences, we can see that for example the Ordinary and the Plus are still good the Ordinary.

For now, there is no other new information regarding the Mystery Shop, but we can just wait for it because we will definitely come again at this time or next month.

By knowing all this, of course you can also read about the New Event Hallowins Bundle Black Rose which was present yesterday. Don’t miss out on all the new events now, because all the prizes that are being presented right now will definitely bring their own benefits. Especially if you can have these prizes for free by completing other recent missions too.

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