Defeat Enemies in Running Cars in PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile is a battle royale game known for the complexity of the gameplay it offers. The complexity of this game makes PUBG Mobile players have to prepare various strategies. This time we will provide tips on 5 ways to defeat enemies in a car that is currently running. Here are the complete tips.

A broad mastery of strategy is required to be able to master battle royale games like PUBG Mobile. PUBG Mobile gameplay is known for its complexity. The various types of weapons provided in this game are quite complex because we have to know about the attachments that these weapons can use.

In addition, you also have to master various techniques to become a pro player. In line with that, this time we will provide tips on how to defeat enemies in a running car.

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5 Ways to Beat Enemies in a Running Car

1. Use the M249

This first tip tends to be technical because you need gear or equipment to destroy or blow up the car quickly. The M249 is known as the best weapon for detonating cars. Use the M249 to shoot cars at close range and defeat your enemies inside.

2. Shoot in a Prone Position from a High Place

When the enemy car is moving, position yourself on a higher ground than the road where the car is moving. Get down on your stomach and shoot the car. This position is useful for reducing weapon recoil so that your shot against the mobile that is running does not miss. That way you can defeat the enemies in it.

3. Shoot Driver within 50m

To run these tips you must master the battlefield about when the car moves and the distance from your position. In addition, you also have to know which weapons are suitable for this method.

The trick is when the car is moving towards you and is within 50m, shoot at the driver or driver of the car. At that distance, your gun bullets will spread until they hit the door where the enemy squad is located. Shooting together with your squad mates will increase the success of this method.

4. Aim for the Front of the Car

These tips take place over an intermediate distance. You can aim for the front position of the car when the car is moving towards you. Of course, your shot won’t miss because the car is moving towards you and narrowing the distance. That way it will give big damage to the car and allow you to defeat the enemy,

5. Avoid the car and shoot the back of the car

You can do these tips when point number 4 above fails. When the car gets closer, don’t be desperate to stay where you are. Immediately find a safe position to hide. You can use a small wall or any barrier around your position.

After that you can shoot at the back of the car. Firing speed is needed to be able to destroy the car before it goes too far from your position.

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Those are 5 tips on how to defeat enemies in a moving car. Keep practicing your game with the tips above and become a deadly car wrecker. Thank you!

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