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Incredibly, the SEA region for DOTA is getting hotter every day. How could I not, a new team announced by Wykhrm Reddy today (30/1) named Echo International.

A team that is clearly not just a team at random, considering that the existing roster is world-class players. Is Ana, Keyser, Forev, Chuan, and Saksa as their roster. These names are certainly not new and minor names in the urban world.

echo international dota 2
Image by Wykhrm Reddy

The only name that might be a little foreign is Keyser. He is a former retainer of the DOTA 2 Hellraisers team who was quite well known at that time.

On paper, this team looks so strong indeed. And what’s unique is that this new team is trying its luck to enter the SEA region. Like what they did today to take part in the SEA Qualifier Dota 2 Asia Championship 2018.

But uniquely, as one of the teams that looked strong and had a qualified roster, they actually lost to one of the teams from Indonesia, namely PG Baracx. Yes, with this result, Ramz et al will continue their steps in the qualifying round this time.

In this game, PG. Barracx spelled out dominating the game. Some of the coordination from this team has not looked good. Hopefully this somewhat bad debut will not affect their future performance.

For PG.BarracX, hopefully on the second day the qualifiers can play well and achieve maximum results.

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