Cultivating Dreams And Optimism In Difficult Times

Every day we hear news about commotion, hostility, and pessimism. Every day we struggle to cover up the shortcomings of our lives. We feel very burdened and numb to circumstances that we never expected before. Then how should we behave? how should we continue to cultivate ideals and optimism even in difficult times?

1. Get Ready

When the upcoming exams are announced at school, we will naturally prepare ourselves both physically and psychologically to get maximum results. Similarly, when we are preparing for life’s tests, we must brace ourselves against all the possibilities that could happen. For that reason, we must be mentally prepared to be able to live it nrimo and steadfastly.

2. Accept Yourself

Achieving true peace is through self-acceptance. Accepting our destiny, accepting the past, and the present era. Accept that everything that has happened to us and is happening right now has all been arranged by the screenwriter.

3. Find Meaning

Rest assured that every incident that occurs there must be an implied message behind it. with it we can more easily overcome difficulties. If we realize that there is wisdom in every difficulty, then we will become wiser in dealing with every problem in life.

4. Believe

One important thing when we are in a difficult period is trust. By believing means we have a desire. When we put full faith that every difficulty we experience will change us into a better person, then difficulties do not need to be avoided but faced.

5. Optimistic

Once we are mentally ready and able to accept ourselves, find meaning and keep believing, then a sense of optimism will grow within us.

6. Think Positive

We have the choice to focus on our weaknesses or focus on our strengths. Whatever we choose will determine our attitude in life. When we feel pessimistic remember one thing that there are no permanent difficulties. The pain and difficulties we are currently experiencing will eventually pass.

Rest assured that with one difficulty arriving there will be plenty of perks. Regardless of what we experience in life, we need to find happiness in the midst of pain by believing that the One who tests us is not for nothing but He will judge us by how we behave.

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