crazyguy Exit Recca Esports

Cong “crazyguy” Anh Ngo just revealed that he is no longer part of the Recca Esports team.

The 20-year-old Vietnamese player has been part of the Recca Esports team since March to replace Hansel “BnTeT” Ferdinand, who has signed a contract with the TyLoo team.

While playing with Recca Esports, the team successfully won Razer Rising Stars Season 1: Southeast Asia and BeyondGodlike SEA. However, they were unable to qualify for Asia Minor after losing to team 7642 in the semifinals of India and the SEA Qualifier.

crazyguy said the reason for leaving the Recca Esports team was because the team did not fully carry out the agreement on communication. Instead of all of them speaking English, his teammates used Indonesian more often.

However, seeing Crazyguy able to survive for several months with a team that did not even speak the same language as him, shows that he has the ability even without good communication.

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