Cool, This Youtuber Turns Death Animation Among Us into Anime!

Among Us is a game that has a lot of fans today, has a unique gameplay and gives this game a lot of popularity, the most interesting thing is that one of these Youtubers changed death animation in the Anime-style Among Us game? Want to know how cool it is?

Among Us is very viral right now, quite a lot of various tips, tricks and mods that are currently scattered for the game. But different from a mod or the other, one of the YouTubers changed the gameplay of death animation that was originally normal to be very cool.

On this occasion, Esportsku will provide information regarding one of the viral games Among Us related to death animation gameplay which is transformed into an anime style. Are you curious about the gameplay and animation? see the full review below!

The video above was uploaded by one of the YouTubers named Landonardo, he made the animation game Among Us, which has a death animation in the style of Anima.

What if Among Us collaborates with an Anime series? This may have been shown by the Landonardo video above. Having a very unique gameplay and unusual animation, of course, will make the game Among Us even more exciting.

Yes, you can see the animation uploaded in the video above, starting from the death animation Among Us with the character Goku with his kamehame only, the Naruto character with kagebunshi, the character Luffy with his very long karek hand, the deku character with a deadly streak, to the anime character kimetsu no yaiba with fire sword incision.

Not only that, but unfortunately Youtuber Landonardo also uploaded another video entitled “Among Us but with Anime Movie” featuring death animation with scenes in the anime series.

Of course, this makes the game Among Us very cool and unusual. Seen in the video above, you can see various anime movie scenes that you might know.

There is the Attack on Titan anime with cool menuver gear action, Bleach anime characters with sword slices, Yugi-Oh anime with cool monster card duel, One Puch man anime with deadly punches, to the super crazy Death Note anime animation scene.

Isn’t it interesting if Among Us collaborates with anime series and presents animas like the one above? Of course this can happen if the developer from Among Us intends to collaborate, later not only skins that you can customize, you can also get super cool death animation a la the anime he is top of.

What do you think about the review of the Among Us game, which presents the anime-style death animation above? Don’t forget to keep visiting our website for the latest and most interesting information about the Among Us game tips and other game news. Stay Tune!

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