Cool Free fire Bundle Swap For Lost Ring FF Tokens, Now!

Playing games is indeed one of the things that is good enough for us to try now, especially past the Covid 19 pandemic which is still ongoing today as well. If you are bored at home, of course you can immediately download exciting games on Android. So, for example, if you want to try a challenging game, just start playing Free Fire.

Where the games that are present on Android, have been well developed by Garena. Yesterday we all had U presenceLatest update Jun. 2020 which is cool, so that we all will definitely not be bored again to play this game.

The events presented by Garena are also all quite good and very interesting, for the next event, such as this June, will definitely come again. Yesterday we all attended the Beach Party Free Fire Event, with very attractive prizes.

So that later we all will never get bored playing this game because it presents many cool events. But yesterday we also attended the new Peak Day Free Fire in June, where the peak event of the Beach Party was also all over on that date.

But for now, don’t worry, because Garena is giving the Lost Ring Token Exchange Time a little longer. Intrigued by the information? Immediately, we see the explanation in the article below.

Lost Ring Free Fire Token Exchange Continues

In yesterday’s event, we all had lots of cool and interesting prizes to try, of course this prize can be obtained if for example we exchange the Lost Ring Token. For each prize in this event, of course, has a different total Token.

Besides that, you can get cool Bundle pieces, from the Beach Party event that took place yesterday. This Bundle is owned by the Misha Character, so those of you who are Misha players, don’t forget to take this Bundle collection.

Get the Cool Bundle Now!

Bundle pieces in this Event have different total token exchanges. So it has been confirmed, yesterday you had to be serious about collecting Tokens. Because of this so that later, can take this bundle and use it.

Now for those of you who thought yesterday that you have got the bundle cut, it turns out that Garena has provided additional time so that you can exchange these Tokens. So for those of you who have lots of tokens, now there is a good chance.

But this exchange event will only last for a few days, so don’t forget to exchange all these tokens to get this cool bundle. Because it is possible that the bundle, it will definitely not be able to be obtained for the next event.

This Beachparty event has indeed been attended by many players from Indonesian servers, so you shouldn’t miss it either. The prizes from this event are really good, so that the name of missing an event is not allowed.

By presenting many new events, of course the Free Fire game will be busier than ever. Because of this event, you can get lots of cool free items to try when competing.

That’s it, Thank You and Greetings, Booyah.

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