Complete Skill Benedetta Mobile Legends (ML)

In November, Moonton will present the newest assassin hero in the Mobile Legends game. The hero is Benedetta with his complete skills. We will review the explanation of skills possessed by Benedetta Mobile Legends below.

Benedetta is one of the most awaited assassin heroes to come to the Original Server, because this one hero was announced last July but Moonton postponed the release of this hero until November, but for sure, you can get this one hero for free later.

On this occasion, Esportsku will provide a complete review of Benedetta’s skills in the Mobile Legends game. Now for those of you who are Assassin users in Mobile Legends, you must see the following explanation.

Explanation of Skill Benedetta in Mobile Legends

Benedetta has 3 active skills and 1 passive skill in Mobile Legends, this one hero has excellent immune abilities as an Assassin hero. So in the following, we provide a complete explanation for the skin Benedetta in the Mobile Legends game.

Elapsed Daytime (Passive Skill)

Benedetta has a swordout mode that can collect swords intentionally continuously, you can use this mode by holding down the basic Benedetta button later.

You can hold Benedetta’s basic attack button later, then if the sword intent is fully charged, then Benedetta can use the swordout slash on the opponent in front of her, then Vendetta will run and give Physical Damage in the area of ​​attack.

Phantom Slash (Skill 1)

When activating skill 2, Benedetta will take a few steps back very quickly. Then Benedetta will cast a shadow that can attack the front area in a fan-like area. This attack can have a slow effect and physical damage.

Then, if Benedetta runs, attacking the opponent will deal physical damage and then if the opponent hits the shadow created by Bendetta, Benedetta will get a bonus Physical Damage.

An Eye For An Eye (Skill 2)

Benedetta will point a weapon at the opponent, then when Benedetta attacks by stabbing the opponent, Bendetta will get an immune effect from Crowd Control and can block any damage Benedetta receives with a certain time.

After that, Benedetta will attack the opponent in the direction indicated and deal physical damage. If Benedetta is able to survive the Crowd Control effect of her opponent, Bendetta will get a full passive skill (Sword Intent) and can stun her opponent.

Alecto: Final Bow (Ultimate Skill)

For the third skill, Benedetta will use Alecto then attack the opponent in the front direction, Benedetta will get an invincible effect when running then will have a slow effect on opponents who are in the area of ​​attack. After that, Benedetta will release a sword intent on the opponent and give slow and physical damage effects.

So that’s it, for an explanation of Benedetta’s complete skills in the Mobile Legends game. Hopefully the reviews above can be useful especially for those of you who want to play the hero Benedetta after it’s released on November 7, 2020.

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