Complete list of Roster Alter Ego MPL ID Season 7!

The complete list of Alter Ego MPL ID Season 7 roster has been officially announced, this time without the presence of new players and prioritizing chemistry between players to be able to work well as before.

Alter Ego became the runner up team in MPL ID Season 6 after being defeated by RRQ Hoshi. This one team game is better enough and gives satisfying results.

Ahead of MPL ID Season 7, Alter Ego has officially announced its roster which is still the same and there are no changes as in the previous season. The players are still held by Udil, Ceciboy and friends.

Quoted from Alter EGO’s official Instagram, here is a complete list of Alter Ego MPL ID Season 7 roster:

  • Celiboy
  • Ahmad
  • Leo Murphy
  • Udil
  • Caesius
  • Pie
  • Yam

Just like the previous season, Celiboy and Ahmad still have roles as Hyper Carry or Jungler. Then Leo Murphy and Caeseus act as roles as tankers or support.

Then for Yam will play the role of a fighter and likely to be an offlaner, Pai used to play Assassin and Marksman, and finally Udil who has the role of Mage or Support.

Unfortunately, it is interesting to look forward to a very solid game from Alter Ego like in the MPL ID Season 6 yesterday. But behind the life of Udil’s presence is the key to the return of Alter Ego’s current performance.

If you review the previous MPL, Alter Ego is still not the best team as it is now, the best achievement this team has is in Season 6, which made it into the semifinals.

In this MPL ID Season 7, Alter Ego will be one of the strongest teams and become one of the winning candidates. Moreover, with no major changes in the Alter Ego roster, the team’s chemistry or chemistry is better.

It’s interesting to see if Alter Ego will shine again in MPL ID Season 7? Moreover, several teams such as EVOS Legends, RRQ Hoshi currently seem to be in the best position.

Now that’s all about the Alter Ego MPL ID Season 7 roster, I hope Alter Ego will give you an interesting match at the biggest Mobile Legends tournament.

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