Comparison of Support, Diggie and Angela in Mobile Legends

Support is really needed in the team. With support, you can play more safely and your marksman can do farming more easily. not only that, because the support doesn’t take gold from the creep on the lane, you can get gold more easily. Here we will discuss about the support in Mobile Legends that you should know.

There are many types of support in mobile legends that you can use. Some can provide heal and debuff, some have strong CC and anti cc buff for friends. Depending on the support you use, your team can defend against enemy heroes. The use of good support heroes is very effective in fighting enemies and team development. Not only can you get a lot of gold, support can also prevent your team from getting a gank or flank from the assassin. Therefore, support is very important in the team.

Currently, diggie and angle are the most widely used top support tier. The skills they have are very strong in helping the team when playing. Even though Diggie doesn’t have heal like Angela, this one support is indeed very useful in teamfight and opening maps. Meanwhile, Angela can heal and attack enemies easily. These two supports are undoubtedly one of the top support tiers in helping the team.

Here we will discuss more about Comparison of Support, Diggie and Angela in Mobile Legends. Both of them are really good support, but which one is stronger in maintaining the team ?.

Comparison of Support, Diggie and Angela in Mobile Legends

Both of these supports have strong skills in maintaining the team. Some can provide anti cc, some can provide heal. Depending on how you play, you can make these two heroes very strong.

The following are details about the two heroes:


Diggie has a strong skill in zoning. the skill can also be used to check the bush, because the bomb can see behind the bush too. The damage he got was pretty decent in the early game, so you can use it to push the enemy back.

What makes it strong is the anti cc it has. If the enemy has a lot of very annoying cc skills, diggie can get rid of all of them easily. In addition, he also has a cc skill that can bind enemies or rather pull back to the previous point. Use this skill to catch enemy marksman.


Angela has a healing skill that can heal friends and inflict damage when hit by an enemy. This skill not only deals damage, but also provides a debuff that will increase the damage received by the enemy. So, you can do more damage to your enemies.

What makes it strong as support is its scaling heal and ultimate. He can immediately help the team from a distance by providing shields. After that, you can continue to heal and assist him in attacking enemies.

That’s ingo about Comparison of Support, Diggie and Angela in Mobile Legends that you should know. Both of them are strong in various ways. Some can provide strong heal, while others have strong cc and anti cc skills. Use heroes according to their strengths, so you can win the game with your team.

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