Comic Mobile Legends, Belerick’s Sacrifice to Protect Tree Life ML!

In addition to releasing an interesting update for the Mobile Legends game, usually Moonton also releases a comic that tells about the heroes in the Mobile Legends game. There have been many comics made by Moonton, such as the beginning of Jawhead Release or the beginning of Harith, always with Alucard. This time there is a comic Mobile Legends, Belerick’s Sacrifice to Protect Tree Life in Mobile Legends.

But apart from that, they will usually release a Mobile Legends Comic which tells the story of a Hero Belerick’s rework on mobile legends. Maybe this will be a good picture, because players can see the process of reworking the hero later. Now, there are many heroes in Mobile Legends who get rework, but there is one hero Belerick Rework which is quite sad in Comic Mobile Legends.

This Mobile Legends comic is owned by Belerick, the guardian of Moonlit Forest. In ML Comics, Belerick’s Sacrifice Protects Tree Life in Mobile Legends. Belerick and Lunox have a special relationship. They are both depicted as protecting the sacred forest, from unknown enemy attacks.

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Comic Mobile Legends, Belerick’s Sacrifice to Protect Tree Life ML!

Comic Mobile Legends, at one point, the devils from hell came out and tried to attack the Monian Empire. Before attacking the attack, they crossed the forest guarded by Belerick. Without further ado, the devils tried to destroy everything in the forest without a trace.

When Belerick and Lunox are together, they are attacked by several demons who manage to find them. However, all of these demons were quickly eradicated.

Not only Lunox and Belerick fighting in the Moonlit Forest, but Miya and Estes also participated in this battle to protect Moonlit Forest and block their path to the Moniyan Empire.

But they were pressed because the number of these devils was very large, besides that they also faced Thamuz.

The fierce battle given by Miya and Estes finally made Thamuz’s patience run out.

He was furious and ended up burning everything that was there, using the Inferno Fire ability. His attack finally had a wide impact and hit Tree Life.

If the Tree Life was scorched by this hellfire, the life of the Elves in the forest would die. Even Estes herself would die, if the Tree Life was scorched.

Seeing this, Belerick finally gave a farewell to Lunox for accompanying him during the trip they both did.

After saying goodbye, Belerick finally brought out his true strength.

He became a shield that was used to protect the Tree Life, so that Thamuz’s Hellfire and the Devils could not injure the Tree Life at all.

Tree Of Life Saved by Belerick Mobile Legends

The Tree Life, which was almost burnt out, was finally saved.

The Elves eventually won the battle against Satan and Thamuz, even so they couldn’t stop the other devils led by Dyrroth. Even Thamuz finally came back with the Dyrroth Group.

Seeing this incident, the Elves, Miya, Estes and Lunox felt that they lost Belerick’s figure who was very brave to protect the Tree Life.

At that moment, Lunox took a crystal stone that was used by Belerick above the ground. He also believes that Belerick will come back again and protect life in the Moonlit Forest.

So, those are some information about Mobile Legends Comics that we can convey at this occasion. Now that Belerick has become a very dangerous Hero Tank, maybe he will become a crime fighter in the Land of Dawn.

After seeing this Mobile Legends comic, we thought that there might be a Skin Couple between Belerick and Lunox.

So that’s the Mobile Legends comic which tells the story of Belerick’s hero who protects Three Life’s huta in the Land of Dawn. Hopefully with this review we can entertain you, especially Mobile Legends players.

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