Combination of Mandatory Item Defense in Mobile Legends

A combination of defense items is mandatory in Mobile Legends. Becoming a tank hero is indeed not an easy thing. You must be able to keep other team members on the front lines and also try not to feed. But the difficult thing is not only that, you also have to be flexible in item builds. This is because the tank’s duty to protect team members will not be certain against whom.

In high rank or even pro matches, it is not uncommon for you to see tanks buying items that are not always the same. It is possible to use the same hero two or three consecutive games but their items will be different. This is because the tank will usually do the counter build. They are required to use items that are suitable against other teams.

Of course it is not easy to do this. But with this item combination at least you can know what items you should buy. Can be called core items, these items can help you play later. Therefore you must understand.

Here, let’s discuss the combination of mandatory defense items in Mobile Legends. This combination of defensive items will really help you fight annoying enemies. Take notes and use them against suitable enemies later so they can last longer.

Oracle + Athena Shield

These two items are very supportive of each other thanks to the effects of the items. By increasing the effect of Shielda and heal, your hero will be very difficult to touch without pure damage. Very strong when used by heroes who have heal, lifesteal, and shield.

Heroes that you must buy: Silvanna and Esmeralda

Antique Cuirass + Dominance Ice

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If your hero is a front line hero who will often be hit, this item combination can be your choice. By reducing your opponent’s ASPD, increasing your own armor, and also a very high armor stat, it will be very difficult against you, especially physical heroes without pene armor.

Heroes that must be purchased: Uranus, Grock, and Atlas

Sky Guardian Helmet + Oracle

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If you want to play continuously and go home, the combination of these two items can be your choice. SGH and Oracle have balanced physical and magical stats. In addition, the heal and regen effects that will continue to be effective will be useful for roamer tankers.

Must buy by: Franco, Belerick, Hylos and others.

Thunder Belt + Cursed Helmet

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although the Thunder Belt is not often bought by thick heroes, this item is actually very deadly. How not with this item combination, enemies without escape skills will be easily attached and you can continue to burn them with the Cursed Helmet effect.

Must-buy heroes: This item is situational but occasionally fits in Balmond and Belerick.

Those are some combination of mandatory defense items in Mobile Legends. By using some of these combination items, you will be difficult to drop. You can easily block high damage from your opponent.

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