Cold Steel Free Fire Mode Free the Latest Shiba FF 2020 Pet

Free Fire is indeed a pretty good Battle Royale game, even the total players in Free Fire have reached more than 250 million. Free Fire has been very well developed, so it’s natural that it’s getting busier every day. Various events were present too, all of them were pretty good and gave lots of prizes too. This time there is a Cold Steel Free Fire Mode event to Free the Newest Pet Shiba FF 2020 that you don’t miss

Garena is the direct publisher of this game, so of course everything in it is very well preserved. In this game too, there are many Best Free Fire Characters that you can use. Later that character, can help you win.

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When you fight too, of course you need something called a weapon. Right now there are also several types of Free Fire Weapons, so you have to know about them. So that later, when it is used there are no errors.

When you compete too, you will find a Free Fire Launchpad Feature. Even this feature is very helpful for you when competing. Not a few players also use this item, so they can get victory.

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There is also such a thing as a Pet Feature, of course you know this. Pet is a pet, where the animal can provide additional abilities when competing. Right now, there are some of the Best Free Fire Pets that you can use.

Now we have a Mode that has been reopened, even giving Free Pet Gifts if you’re lucky.

Curious? Immediately, we see the explanation in the article below.

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Free Shiba Pet from Cold Steel Free Fire Play Event

Shiba is a pretty cute pet dog in this game, even his abilities are not that bad. Shiba can give you the location of the mushrooms, so you don’t have to be tired around looking for them.

Later, Shiba will go and mark the Mushrooms on the minimap. So you just come and eat it. Until now, Shiba is still very often used by Pro Players. Despite his ability, it is only limited to looking for Mushrooms.

How to Get Free FF Shiba Pet

Now in Free Fire, there is a new event which is quite interesting to try. Surely you all know, Cold Steel Mode. In this mode, you will only be able to use knives. But the knife, can be thrown to attack the enemy.

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Damage in this mode alone, can reach 50 thousand more. But not automatically the knife can hit the enemy, sometimes it can miss the target too.

If you play in this mode, later you will complete a Cold Steel Ramadan Event Mission.

Here is the explanation.

  • Play 5x in Cold Steel: 2 Bundle Boxes
  • Play 10x on Cold Steel: 3 Bundle Boxes
  • Kill 15 Times At Cold Steel: 2 Shiba Boxes
  • Kill 30 times at Cold Steel: 3 Shiba Boxes

If you get the Box, you will have the opportunity to get the Pet. Even if it’s hockey too, you can get a free Bundle from this event.

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So, those are some of the information that we can convey on this occasion. How? In addition, there is also some information about the best A124 Character Deadly Counter, so he can’t be free in the match. There is even a Tips for Using the Best Gloo Wall right now in the match.

That’s it, Thank You and Greetings, Booyah.

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