Clove Oil Prices in the Market

Amelinus, the price of clove oil in the market – Clove oil, or cloves, is believed to have benefits for health and beauty.

Offered at prices starting from tens of thousands of rupiah for a 30 ml package, clove oil is believed to be able to help cure toothaches, prevent inflammation, treat nausea and vomiting, improve the digestive system, and protect hair beauty.

Clove Oil

Clove oil itself is an essential oil obtained by desalinating the clove plant parts, especially the clove leaves and flowers.

All parts of the clove plant do have oil, but the flower part has a very large oil content.

Because the leaves and branches of cloves also produce oil, they are also a side income for clove farmers who reap clove flowers for the cigarette factory.

Clove oil is said to have eugenol by 78 percent to 98 percent. The substance is obtained from the oil glands in the body of the clove flower.

In the usual way, clove leaves and branches have eugenol with more concentration than clove flowers. In the oil obtained from clove leaves, there are 82 percent to 88 percent eugenol, on the other hand, clove oil eugenol which starts from the branches reaches 90 percent to 95 percent.

Clove Oil Benefits

Share the web The Secret YumiverseClove oil can reduce and treat toothache. The trick is simply to apply clove oil using a cotton swab or cotton bud to the affected area of ​​the tooth.

Not only that, clove oil can also help overcome bad breath, by gargling using water that has been given a few drops of clove oil.

As for the same base, for skin problems, not only acne problems, this oil can also treat skin diseases such as dry skin and stretch marks.

The trick, just add a few drops of clove oil to a lotion or moisturizer that you use every day. Convince

You use an aide oil, such as coconut oil or almond oil, because when you apply clove oil to the skin, burning or irritation can occur.

Clove Oil Price

Clove Oil Brand Price
PJ Walikukun 30 ml Rp19,000
Al-Ghuroba 25 ml IDR 25,000
Elephant Cap 50 ml Rp31,581
Happy Green Clove Leaf Essential Oil 10 ml IDR 32,000
Darjeeling Clove Bud Essential Oil 30 ml Rp48.000
Stamp Pigeon 100 ml IDR 85,000

The final word

Well, for hair maintenance, clove oil can be a natural conditioner that can make dry hair turn wet and darker and sparkle.

Not only that, this oil can also be used to treat hair loss problems, by applying clove oil thoroughly to the scalp while massaging for about 15 minutes.

Clove oil prices above are not tied and may change from time to time. When compared to 2022, clove oil prices in 2022 face an escalation.

For example, 30 ml of PJ Walikukun brand clove oil, which was previously sold at a price of Rp. 20 thousand, has increased to Rp. 22 thousand. Meanwhile, the price of clove oil in 2022 will decrease and some will increase.

As an illustration, PJ Walikukun 30 ml clove oil, which was initially priced at Rp. 22 thousand, has decreased to Rp. 19 thousand. Meanwhile, the 25 ml Al-Ghuroba brand clove oil, which was initially released at a price of Rp. 23 thousand, has increased to Rp. 25 thousand.

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