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Free Fire is a really popular battle royale game that has millions of active players worldwide. In this game, there is always some new update coming up for you to get new features. Some of the features that Garena will always update is the weapons and characters in Free Fire. And now there is a new character and weapon that you need to combine, which is Chrono and Vector. So here we have some short information about Chrono and Vector in Free Fire is really deadly to use!

Chrono + Vector Free Fire (FF) is Really Deadly to Use!

A couple of days ago, there are many updates that is available for you to do until now. Those updates will bring you many advantages in the meantime. All of you must have also known that the Chrono Character in Free Fire is now available for you to purchase and use in the game.

Most players already know that Chrono can be the new meta breaker in Free Fire now. The skill and strength that this character has, can make you becoming harder to beat.

And now, the vector weapon in Free Fire is a really deadly combination with the Chrono character. The strength that this weapon has is really useful for you to kill the enemy quickly in close to medium range.

Most players say that this weapon really needs a nerf immediately, because many players are starting to hate this weapon in the game. In Free Fire Rank Season 19, players can now progress their rank again. They can progress their rank all the way to Master or Grandmaster later on.

One of the things that you can have by combining Chrono and this Vector weapon, is that you will have a really powerful rusher combination in the game. Chrono is able to spawn a shield, and the vector is useful to wipe out the enemy. The shield is really useful for you to reduce the damage taken from the enemy in the game.

Which is why, the strength of this combination to rush, can make you have many advantage as a rusher. Later on, it will be easier for you to kill multiple enemies with this combination.

So we suggest you to try to use these weapon and character combination real soon. Because this combination can help you get more kill easier in Free Fire. And with this combination, you can also try to use the combination to get an easy win.

And that’s some short information about the Chrono + Vector in Free Fire which is really deadly to use! Be sure to follow esportsku on Instagram for more tips to come!

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