Cheater FF Rampant on Free Fire India Servers

For now, the total number of players who play games on Android has reached quite a lot. Even for now, the Free Fire game is still one of the best in the future. Garena has indeed developed this game well, so all of you will definitely be bigger playing Free Fire.

Right now the Free Fire game already has a lot of total players, so of course the gameplay of the players is different. So yesterday, the Free Fire game was attacked by the number of cheaters on foreign Free Fire servers.

So with this many cheaters, Garena’s side immediately took firm action. Where they immediately did a mass Banned, for the cheaters. Even for now, the Black Box Free Fire System has recorded a lot of Cheaters in the game.

At this very moment, the Cheater Free Fire has been resolved quite quickly by Garena. They did not want to make this game, called a busy game with all cheaters. So of course Garena, will not give mercy to the Cheaters.

Using a cheat, you will definitely feel the reasons for being banned in Free Fire later. So don’t try or use this cheat for fun every now and then. Because of the risk, permanently banned from the game.

In India now it turns out that the player is really really too far. Reportedly there are many people who use Cheats, when doing the Tournament they use Cheats to win.

Curious? Immediately refer to the article below.

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Too Many Indian Players Use Free Fire Cheats

In this country of India, players who play on this server always get complaints because of the arrival of lots of cheaters. Even now, Garena gets lots of recent reports from Indian servers with the same issues.

There are quite a lot of cheaters on the server, even Garena himself has often been permanently banned in large numbers in India. Yesterday, at the Garena Official Tournament called Free Fire Scrim Wars 2020, it turned out that there were 2 teams who were caught using Cheats during the tournament.

This team has the names Entity Gaming and TSG, both teams were caught by the anti-cheat system that was turned on in the Tournament. After they were caught, finally the team from India was disqualified and the player who used the cheat was banned.

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Indeed, they only received one year of ban, but the behavior was the problem. Not long after this incident happened, it turned out that the Bandra 50 Team was caught again using a cheat which was a completely different cheat this time.

Rampant Free Fire Mod

Where the team members use a Free Fire Mod application that has been changed before the match starts. After experiencing something like this, Garena immediately took firm action by banning their accounts for 1 year and disqualifying from the tournament.

Therefore, in the future, Garena will also improve the Free Fire Game Defender System for the upcoming June 2020. So that with the presence of this new defender, of course players who use cheat will find it difficult to enter and if they pass, they will immediately be banned.

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In order to maintain the good name of the great Tournament of the Free Fire game, Garena will of course take firm action for players who play Cheating. Thus the gameplay in the game will be better and there won’t be too many cheaters later.

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