Causes of Rank FF Drop Season 17 Free Fire

You have to know that there must be several reasons for your Drop Rank Season 17 Free Fire right now for FF players who experience this bad thing. Yup, now we have many new events, which will indeed be the best thing in the Free Fire game for now.

But you all also have to know that for example right now, there are lots of new and interesting things that are really cool for us to know. Moreover, yesterday all of us had the presence of Rank Season 17 Free Fire which had started, of course things like this should not be missed and we had to immediately push rank.

This is the reason how you can drop rank free fire when playing in season 17 FF this time:

Meet Pro Player

Yup now it’s true that Pro players too, will immediately drop to a lower rank if during the current season reset. Don’t underestimate the Gold rank at the beginning of the season, because in that rank we are dealing with Heroic or Top 300 players as well.

Most of the pro players are ranked like this, so it makes sense for you to lose easily too. Because the opponents you face also have skills, which are already pro or stronger than you. So don’t underestimate Rank Gold now, because it’s controlled by pro players too.

Experiencing Some Problem Or Interference

Those of you who want to win easily, try not to experience things that are quite annoying and cause problems. Because this also affects this, where later we can lose easily if playing the Free Fire game experiences interference.

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Try before you play the Free Fire game, first know some things or disturbances that may come. It’s better for you to prevent this disturbance, so you can play more relaxed. Especially for later too, those of us who are disturbed can drop rank to the lowest.

Do not have the Readiness to Play Rank

When you play the Free Fire game in rank mode, but you don’t have the same readiness to burn points. The point is, for example, if you play in that mode, try to really be ready to fight the enemies in that mode too.

Especially at the beginning of the current rank, of course the enemy we are facing was also a high rank. So try not to all of you have things like this, because not being prepared can make you lose. Especially if the defeat is really deep, aka losing continuously.

Not Playing Squad FF Is the Cause for Rank Drop Free Fire

Finally, you will usually lose more easily, if you don’t play in squad or in squad mode. Of course if we play solo at the beginning of this rank, the percentage of wins is quite small. It’s very different from us playing, with the squad in the Free Fire game.

Of course our opponents will also be easier, and you will not be easily defeated by the enemy. Even though your opponent is a squad too, that doesn’t rule out the possibility of you losing. Because teamwork will be important, within the current rank.

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Every player who drops rank, will definitely be annoyed and emotional. Where it is difficult for them to push rank again, because they have experienced the streak of losing. So you have to know first why it happened, and this might be able to avoid this in the future too.

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