Bundle Fact 4 X Free Fire on the Latest FF Boyband Web Event!

Until now, there are already a lot of games that have been presented to Android, of course, this way we all will definitely not be bored when we are filling our spare time in the future. For example, if you want to try an exciting and challenging game, you can just play the Free Fire game right now. Well, there is news about the Fact 4 X Free Fire bundle on the Latest FF Boyband web event that you can get later in the latest update.

As we know, in this game there are also many interesting things that are quite cool, of course, players who are still playing this game will never get bored later. When you play the game, don’t forget to choose the Free Fire Character Feature first.

Because before competing, you all have to choose a character first. The events given by Garena too, are all pretty good and very interesting. In addition, there is also the Trandy Free Fire Bundle, where the bundle has arrived in this game.

For now, Garena has become more and more famous, so it is only natural that, for example, someone would cooperate with them. For example, the collaboration between Free Fire and Fact 4, where the bundle that comes will be a collaboration between the two parties.

On the Brazilian server too, it turns out that Garena has presented a new event related to Theme Fact 4. Curious? Check out the explanation in the article below too.

Web Event Bundle Pink Panther Free Fire X Fact 4

The bundle presented at this event is indeed quite good, which will later be present on the Indonesian servers today. This Pink Panther Free Fire bundle is indeed quite elegant, where the appearance is quite luxurious and very cool.

It’s true that this Bundle is a collaboration from Fact 4, so you shouldn’t miss this bundle. Due to appearances and likelihood, these bundles will be extremely rare. So you sure, won’t be able to get that bundle again.

In this Web Event, the way to get the bundle is quite easy, where you will collect Tokens to get the Bundle. Now this Token can be obtained, if you do Spin in the Web Event.

You have to collect Token Glasses in this event, now to get it you have to take out Diamonds and do Spin, of course. The spins that were presented in this event too, were not too expensive like other events in general.

In Brazil you need 10 Diamonds for 1 Spin, and 40 Diamonds for 5 Spin. Of course, all players who want to get the bundle will feel lighter and will have no trouble getting the rare bundle.

Reportedly this event will be present on the Indonesian server in the near future, so all of you shouldn’t miss this event later. Because these gifts are given when collecting Tokens, there are so many tablets.

The following is an explanation of these prizes.

1 Token Glasses: 2 Valentine Boss

2 Token Glasses: God of War Board

3 Token Glasses: Skull Parachute

4 Token Glasses: 2 Blueprint Incubator Rebel Academy

5 Token Glasses: Bundle Pink Panther Free Fire x Fact 4

All the events given by Garena are quite good and very interesting for us to try. So don’t forget, for example, if this event has been presented by Garena in Indonesia. Because of that bundle, it will become very rare later.

That’s it, Thank You and Greetings, Booyah.

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