Build Items Riktor AoV and Tips Arena Of Valor

Riktor is a difficult hero to play. Having a broad playstyle means a broad build as well. Starting from tanks, assassins, and brawlers. Riktor can also be called a jack-off-all-trade hero. Has a wide potential with a high enough difficulty makes Riktor quite respected. You have to know about the Build Item Riktor AoV and Tips Arena Of Valor so you can play it well

Most people use Riktor as a DS Laner, but not infrequently that makes him an Assassin brawler. Whatever the build, Riktor can release quite a lot of potential. You can also deal great damage if you know how to use it and the items he uses while playing Arena of Valor

Build Riktor AoV Items and Arena Of Valor Tips


The main damage item for Riktor. Armor Pen and Move Speed ​​from this item really help Riktor to kill off guard heroes. As the first item, Rankbreaker is a favorite item for Riktor players.

Items to help with potential bursts and other sources of damage. Omni Arms is highly recommended for Riktor. The resulting damage is no joke. This item is recommended to burst other heroes.

Build Item Riktor Arena Of Valor SITUATIONAL ITEMS

Excellent burn damage with ulti Riktor. This item is very good for eroding enemy HP and the armor provided is very helpful for Riktor. Items to help when fighting heroes near Riktor.

The highest raw damage and% HP make this item the best late item for Riktor. As a damage dealer, this item can be the last item for him. Adding to the potential for bursts, this item, although fairly expensive, is still included in the recommendation.

Muramasa is recommended if the enemy has very high armor. Together with Rankbreaker and Fenrir Tooth, Muramasa makes the enemy seem to have no armor. This AoV Riktor Item Build is suitable for late game purchases as a fairly strong situational item.

CDR, stat, magic def. Medallion becomes the main def item if the enemy has a lot or strong magic. Adding tankiness against mages makes it harder for Riktor to burst.

Arena Of Valor Riktor Item Build


This Riktor AoV Item Build makes Riktor a deadly bruiser. The damage generated by these items makes Riktor a destroyer of the enemy’s back line.

ADC and Mage become easy targets for him. The Mantle of Ra and Medallion helped Riktor to survive the attacks directed at him.


This Build Item Riktor AoV jungler will focus on burst hit and run. Expensive damage items and expensive def also make Riktor a strong hero. Build Item Riktor AoV Focus on damage makes this build very deadly. Come, kill, run away is a fairly short process for Riktor.


that’s the build of the Riktor which in my opinion is good. These items can be changed at any time because Riktor is a flexible hero. What do you think is the perfect build for Riktor?


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