Build Items for Alice in Mobile Legends (ML), No Need to Be a Tank!

Generally, Alice is a Mobile Legends hero who is often used as a tank or semi-tank. This hero is basically a mage, but his skillset which provides high mobility and lifesteal makes him also suitable for use as a tank. Almost very difficult and even impossible to kill without anti-heal items, Alice is a dangerous sustain hero. Well, this time there is a Build Item for Alice Damage in Mobile Legends that you can use

With this Item Build Alice Damage in Mobile Legends, you will not take the role of the mobile legends tank, but as the main damage of a team. This build item is very deadly because you will take advantage of his mobility and AoE burst at close range. Even though it’s fairly risky, with this build you will be deadly.

As a tank mage, Alice’s advantage is that she can play as between one of her roles there are both. He can play as a tanker hero or damage. As a damage dealer, his damage is quite high.

Here we will provide the build item Alice damage mage Mobile Legends. Very deadly and no need to make him a mage tank anymore, this build item will increase his effectiveness.


To use Alice’s damage build, of course the first item you will need is Star Shard. This jungling item will indeed give serious damage later when it is full stack. In the early game you only need to buy up to tier 2.


This item is a shoe that greatly benefits Alice’s build item. By using Arcane, Alice will get additional magic pierce. With a good stat his total damage must also increase.

LIGHTNING TRUNCHEON – Item Build Alice Damage

LT will give a very high stat damage and not only that, you buy this item for the passive. Very strong because Alice’s skill is a damage area where if Alice fights many gathered heroes she can inflict high damage.


Alice uses Arcane Boots and Reaper will make her magic damage very high. Reaper will give Alice damage which will be higher than her auto attack. Alice who is easy to spam skills can take advantage of this item even further. Very dangerous of course in the late game when Alice is very difficult to kill.


HC gives the highest magic stat that you can use. This item also adds 30% to your total magic damage. This is of course very high, especially in the late game where Alice’s total magic damage is very high.

NECKLACE OF DURANCE – Item Build Alice Damage

Alice’s last item is actually quite flexible. He can use defensive items such as anti burst or buy other magic items. Two items that are suitable for him are Durance and Blood Wings where these two items will be the last counter items depending on who you are fighting against.

That’s the Alice build item full damage mobile legends which is very deadly. With this build item Alice will often be on the front lines and continue to inflict unimaginably high damage. Even though it’s not as thick as his other tanky build items, at least with this build item Alice will be a source of chaos in teamfight.

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