Build Item Martis, the Best Fighter in Mobile Legends?

will discuss the fighter-type mobile legends hero, Martis the King of Ashura, this hero has a reap/burst specialty with two swords and white hair.

Martis has extraordinary skills and lifesteal, as a result Martis is one of the heroes that is often picked in the current season, besides that if you want to quickly move up in rank/tier you can try to use this hero, of course you have to master the skills and know how to set the most gg build item for Martis.

In addition to the best set of build items for Martis, in this post the admin will tell you what Martis’ story is like, his skills and abilities and more.


In an area there is a clan called the Shura Clan, the clan has existed for a long time. From generation to generation they have always been considered the most skilled fighting clan in the world, not only that the women of the Shura clan are popular for their beauty, but behind the clan’s glory there is a legend. The Three Thousand Worlds, The legend tells of the existence of a secret area, where when entering the area, one must face a series of levels of physical examination.

Many of the Shura clan had tried the test, but no one had yet been able to complete it. According to legend, those who successfully clear the exam Three Thousand Worlds will receive the title of an Ashura and be considered as demigod or demigods to the Shura clans.

Thousands of years passed and still no Ashura had been born from that clan. The Shura Clan is starting to think Three Thousand World is a very impossible test to pass. The longer the sacred place begins to be forgotten, the Shura are no longer interested in becoming Ashura.

Until one day, there was a virgin from the Shura clan who had enormous ambition and determination, the young man named Martis. Before entering Three Thousand Worlds, Martis had been training for several years to improve his strength. This strength is the main provision in carrying out the tests that will be faced.

There have been countless number of demons defeated by Martis and he almost experienced defeat several times, but his unyielding spirit made him continue to fight against the demons.

After experiencing many battles, Martis began to feel a different sensation, he felt a tremendous satisfaction when fighting an opponent who was more powerful than him and gradually it made him more powerful than the opponent he was facing. The two blades that Martis brought came came and became the legendary sword called Twin Blades of Righteous Fury or better known as Ashura’s Teeth.


The effects and damage on the skills possessed by Martis had undergone several changes and were nerfed in previous patch updates. So how is his current ability? see the following explanation.

Passive skill – Ashura’s Wrath

With his Ashura’s Teeth sword, Martis gains an increase in attack speed of 15% every time he uses his skill. This effect can be stacked 4 times (with a total attack speed of 60%) and lasts 4 seconds.

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Ashura’s Wrath gives martis extraordinary attack speed coupled with his basic attack into a deadly combination for the opponent he faces.

Skill 1 – Ashura Aura

Martis increases the attack area of ​​Ashura’s Teeth sword and grips the enemy in front of him. Generates (+ 100% Total Physical Attack), Physical damage and slightly stuns.

Skill Level 1 – 280 initial damage, 10 seconds cooldown
Skill Level 2 – 320 initial damage, 9.6 seconds cooldown
Skill Level 3 – 360 initial damage, 9.2 seconds cooldown
Skill Level 4 – 400 initial damage, 8.8 seconds cooldown
Skill Level 5 – 440 initial damage, 8.4 seconds cooldown
Skill Level 6 – 480 initial damage, 8 seconds cooldown

This skill has an amazing crowd control effect, where Martis can clear minions and take on multiple opponents at once, capturing them in a straight line. After that you can combine the next attack with Mortal Coil to produce large damage.

This skill can be used to catch the opponent’s hero quickly and can be used to start a war.

Skill 2 – Mortal Coil

Martis lunges in the specified direction with his sword 3 times, dealing 150(+70% Physical Attack) physical damage to nearby enemies. The first attack will push the hit enemy (the direction of the attack can be changed with the analog button).

After a few seconds, Martis is able to use this skill again to lunge in the specified direction, facing the opponent by dealing 200 (150% total physical attack) physical damage to the opponent at attack distance.

Skill Level 1 – 150 initial damage, 200 additional damage, 11 seconds cooldown
Skill Level 2 – 160 initial damage, 220 complement damage, 11 seconds cooldown
Skill Level 3 – 170 initial damage, 240 Damage jewels, 11 seconds cooldown
Skill Level 4 – 180 initial damage, 260 additional damage, 11 seconds cooldown
Skill Level 5 – 190 initial damage, 280 complement damage, 11 seconds cooldown
Skill Level 6 – 200 initial damage, 300 additional damage, 11 seconds cooldown

Depending on the situation at hand, a mortal coil can be used in many ways. The best way to use it is to activate it right after using Ashura Aura. In this way, the enemy is guaranteed to be vulnerable and difficult to avoid attacks throughout the duration of this skill. Enemies are thrown and it is difficult to carry out any counterattack as long as they are hit by a skill.

After the mortal coil’s first attack, Martis is able to reuse it for a short period of time to either offer a second attack or escape.

Skill 3 – Decimate

Martis attacks the opponent’s target hero, dealing 650(+100% Physical Attack) physical damage. Make it true damage if the target’s HP is below 50%. After Martis manages to kill an enemy with this skill, the decimate cooldown will immediately recover, even giving him a movement speed bonus or movement speed of 100% for 5 seconds. Keep in mind that the increase in movement speed will decrease gradually during this time.

Skill Level 1 – 650 initial damage, 36 seconds cooldown
Skill Level 2 – 750 initial damage, 32 seconds cooldown
Skill Level 3 – 850 initial damage, 28 seconds cooldown

Among other Martis skills, the decimate skill is devoted to executing enemies, the reason is that this skill produces large damage especially when the enemy hero being targeted is below 50%, don’t hesitate to use it anytime if you see an enemy with critical HP.



  • Huge burst damage
  • Ability to catch enemies
  • The second skill can be used to chase enemies, penetrate walls, or escape
  • Have good crowd control skills
  • It’s hard to be a target bro
  • Can be built into a burst fighter, self-defense, or semi-tank.
  • Execute the enemy with his ultimate skill
  • Cooldown reset


  • Martis is weak at the start of the game
  • Like other burst fighters, Martis is weak against magic damage
  • Using the second skill incorrectly can be fatal
  • So popular and often picked up, martis is often the target of tires.


Lvl 1-5
Skill 1> Skill 2> Skill 1> Skill 3> Skill 1
lvl 6-10
Skill 2> Skill 1> Skill 3> Skill 1> Skill 2
Lvl 11 – 15
Skill 1> Skill 3> Skill 2> Skill 2> Skill 2


Because Martis’ skill doesn’t hurt too much at the beginning of the game, then you need to raise the skill level first. Use jungle items at the beginning of the game until you just buy the desired items, after that you can replace jungle items with the following martis build items. Use full burst damage items so that Martis is the sickest in the game.

1. Warrior Boots

Price: 690 gold

Attribute: +22 Armor

Uniqueness: +40 Movement Speed

Unique Passive: Valor, Defense against physical attacks will increase by 5 points (stack up to 25) when receiving multiple attacks, this effect lasts for 3 seconds.

2. Endless Battle

Price: 2470 gold

Attributes: +65 Physical Attack, +25 Mana Regen, +250 HP, +10% CD Reduction, +5% Movement Speed, +15% Lifesteal

Unique Passive: Divine Justice, After using the skill, the next normal attack will deal a complement of 85% Physical Attack as True Damage. This effect has a cooldown of 1.5 seconds.

Unique Passive: Chase, when the Divine Justive effect is triggered, the movement speed will increase by 15%.

3. Bloodlust Ax

Price: 1970 gold
Attributes: +70 Physical Attack , 10% Cooldown Decrease
Unique Passive: +20% Spell Vamp

Bloodlust Ax is one of the items that must be used on Martis because the more opposing heroes are affected by damage from Martis’ skill, the more blood is absorbed.

4. Rose Gold Meteor

Price: 2270 gold
Attributes:+60 Physical Attack+30 Magic Defense+5% Lifesteal
Unique Passive Skill: Gets a shield that can absorb 510 1350 damage (increases with level) when HP is critical. This effect has a cooldown of 30%.

5. Wings Of The Apocalypse Queen

Price: 2250 gold

Attributes: +15 Physical Attack, +1000 HP, +10% Cooldown Decrease

Unique Passive: Demonize, Decreases damage taken by 40% when HP is below 40% and increases Lifesteal by 15%.

6. Blade Of Despair

Price: 3010 gold

Attributes: +170 Physical Attack, +10% Attack Speed

Unique Passive: Gives 10% additional damage to enemy heroes if they attack while enemies (Stunned, airborn, polymorph, etc.).

It’s different if you face 2 mages at once when using Martis, then you can do a little habituation of the following strongest Martis items.

will discuss the fighter-type mobile legends hero, namely Martis the King of Ashura Build Item Martis, the Best Fighter in Mobile legends?

1. Tough Boots

Price: 890 gold
Attribute: +22 Magic Defense
Uniqueness: +40 Movement Speed
Unique Passive: Fortitude, Reduces control time by 25%.

Why did the admin choose the Tough boots item? This shoe item is generally used if the enemy uses a mage capable of controlling (stun, airborne, silent, etc.), If the passive effect is fortitude, it can also reduce the control time of non-mage.

The next item is equal


For battle spells, the admin prefers to use retribution, but you can also use other battle spells such as flicker or petrify.

will discuss the fighter-type mobile legends hero, namely Martis the King of Ashura Build Item Martis, the Best Fighter in Mobile legends?

Why suggest you use the battle spell retribution for Martis? the reason is that in addition to farming quickly, you can also use it on enemy heroes after reaching level 2.

Well, now you know how to set the best Martis item build in mobile legends, besides that it’s also about Martis’ background or fairy tales, clarification on skills, etc. The important point when using this hero is that you have to master the analog control for Martis’ skills because if you are already proficient, it is easy to use this hero.

Besides that, even though Martis is able to face 3 opponents at once, it doesn’t mean you have to be alone on the front line, right? again of course this is a game that requires team collaboration.

That’s all for clarification regarding the Martis item build hero, if you have any suggestions for the best item build based on your own version, please share in the comments column, and don’t forget to share if this post is useful.

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