Build Item Layla Mobile Legends (ML), Critcal Hit ML from afar

Layla is a hero role marksman mobile legends that is not widely used. A skill that has great damage when it hits faraway enemies. The ultimate allows him to increase the range of his shots. This time there is a critical build of Layla in Mobile Legends that you can use when playing ML

Having a potential that is not so bad, you can use Layla with many advantages. Layla’s critical damage is quite high and you can play it in a safe way without sacrificing a lot of damage.

So you can shoot enemies further than the usual Hero Range. This is Layla’s advantage as a marksman. You can make him a Marksman who relies on Critical hit and Atk Speed ​​which makes him a very ferocious ADC.


Layla has a long range making it an ADC that can shoot from a distance. With items that rely on Crit and Atk speed, Layla can be a very strong ADc. You have to keep your distance and shoot the enemy carefully. You can even shoot towers outside of the tower’s firing range. So it is perfect for doing Tower Stealing.

However, Layla doesn’t have the escape skill making her very Squisy. So Layla mobile legends must be properly guarded by support so that it doesn’t get hit by a gang. Layla is a Marksman who has no escape skills and low durability which makes him lose against other Marksman.

The long shooting range and the Ultimate that can shoot from a distance make it a Marksman that you can rely on as a sniper. Here we will recommend a crit Build Item that you can use for Layla.


This shoe will add Atk speed to Layla. With a fast attack speed, the possibility of Crit hit will be even greater. That way this shoe is perfect for Layla.


This item will add Layla Crit Chance. This item has a passive which can add Atk speed if it succeeds in Crit Hit. So Layla’s Crit hit and Atk speed will increase with this item. That way Layla can shoot quickly.


This item is additional damage to Layla. Layla’s skills are mostly damage skills with a fairly short CD. This item will strengthen Layla’s attack when using damage skills. So Layla will get huge damage when doing skills. To use skills, you don’t need to hit the enemy, because all you need is the passive of this item.


This item is an additional Crit Chance for Layla. So you can Crit more often. After that, if you do Crit, this item will add a large Crit Damage. Therefore, this item is a source of damage from Layla.


This item will provide splash damage when attacking an enemy with a basic attack. This item will also add as much damage as the Atk Speed ​​it has, making it a very good item as additional damage. The damage splash is also good for attacking more than 1 enemy. So this item is very good when doing Team Fight.


This item has the largest additional physical damage of all items. This item will also add Layla Damage by 25% if the enemy’s blood is below 50%. So you can use this item as additional damage for Layla. That way the damage given will increase your opponent’s damage with half blood so that your damage will increase

That’s the Crit Layla Build Item that you can use. This build item makes him a Marksman with great damage but makes him very Squisy so it will be difficult to avoid enemy Assassins

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