Build Item Kadita Mobile Legends, the Best Mage ML Immuner

Mobile legends have so many heroes in the game. The game has types that you can use according to the situation. In addition, you also need to understand some of the roles of mobile legends before knowing what you will be playing as. We ourselves this time will discuss one of the mobile legends hero, the hero Kadita with build items that you can use.

As we know, Kadita is one of the best and deadly Mage ML heroes in the Mobile Legends game, this one hero is the Mage with the best Immune besides Chou. Now for those of you who want to play this hero. You have to know first how the stats match and build Kadita’s hero items which seem a little difficult.

As a Mage hero, of course you have to be the most damager of other heroes. Therefore, the right items are needed so that Kadita can be optimal when played. Constructing a build is not just careless. You must know when and its use. In addition, you also have to see the enemy using any item during the game. Now if the problem is the best item, we have a recommendation.

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Build Item Kadita Mobile Legends

This time, you can build a series of Kadita Mobile Legends items that you can use to spam Immune in Mobile Legends. This one hero is very agile with a high burst damage area. Let’s take a look at the complete build below.

Demon Shoes

In order to be able to spam at any time, of course you need which regen is high, so that is why Demon Shoes is the first item you can use for Kadita heroes.

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Clock of Destiny

Next is Clock of Destiny which is a growth item in Mobile Legends. This one item will add 30 HP and 5 Magic Attack every 30 seconds with the ability to stack up to 10 times. Of course, the longer this item is used, the greater the effect you get.

Lightning Truncheon

Lightning Truncheon is able to provide massive damage in the early game with the ability to bounce effects. This item will be very suitable for hero areas like Kadita.

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Holy Crystal

Furthermore, in the mid game, mobile legends players who use your ML hero cadita can buy Holy Crystal which has considerable damage. Apart from Blood Wings, this one item has +100 Magic Power with the effect of increasing Magic Attack by 21% -35% and will continue to increase with your level.

Blood Wings

It is a special item for the sickest mage for Mage heroes in Mobile Legends. You must use Blood Wings in the late game. This item has +150 Magic Power and +500 HP which can increase 1.5 HP for every increase of 1 Magic Power. As the biggest damager, of course, you must use Blood Wings so you can defeat enemies easily.

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Finally, there is Immortality which is the most frequently used defense item. This item has a Ressurect effect for 2 seconds when you are defeated, meaning you have a second chance to play. Immortality itself has attributes ranging from +800 HP and +40 Physical Defense which can protect you when you are in the late game.

Battle Spell Kadita Mobile Legends

As a frontline mage hero, Kadita usually uses the following battle spells to increase attacks and help him defeat enemies in Mobile Legends.


First you can use Flameshot as your main battle spell when playing


Most Kadita users currently use Execute a lot, this spell will give Kadita additional attacks when attacking enemies up close.

Emblem Set for Kadita Mobile Legends

In addition, you can also use the following emblem set to add to the horror of Kadita when playing in Mobile Legends.

Custom Mage Emblem

The best emblem for all mage heroes is of course the Custom Mage Emblem with high Magic Power enhancing abilities. You can use Talent Impure Rage so that Kadita’s damage increases and hurts when played.

How to Play and Gameplay Kadita Mobile Legends

The way to play Kadita is quite complicated than other heroes. Because this one hero is indeed very difficult to play, especially with his ability who is a front line mage.

In the early game, Kadita has huge damage, you can use it to play barbarically. Oh yes, for the lane itself, you can choose the side lane or mid lane accompanied by a fighter, marksman or hero tank.

Kadita can be used as a violent hero capable of destroying enemy formations, you can use it to disrupt enemy farming areas if needed.

During the Mid Game, Kadita can initiate openly, she can attack the enemy and then disappear with a very unique skill. At that time, the enemy can get a knockup effect and then the damage given is very large and can make the enemy’s core hero die.

In the late game, Kadita is quite superior if you have several defense items such as Immortality, with these items you don’t need to be afraid of being ranked as an enemy.

Kadita is very much needed to do teamfight and open war easily and quickly.

So that’s a review of the best build items for Kadita heroes in Mobile Legends. Make sure you use this mobile legends item. So that you can play well when using the mobile legends Kadita hero …

Hopefully this article is useful and makes you play more on Mobile Legends. Have a nice play.

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