Build Item Claude Mobile Legends (ML), High Consistent Damage

Claude is a mobile legends marksman role that is very deadly thanks to his passive. Dexter, Claude’s monkey gives additional damage which is quite painful because it can activate the item effect. Besides that Claude is a monster when in teamfight. This time there is a Critical Claude Mobile Legends Build Item in Mobile Legends that you can use to turn it off.

Claude mobile legends generally have two builds that he can use, ASPD or crit. Both of these builds are quite strong because Claude is a hero who has a flexible build item and is still strong.

Here we will provide build items that focus on the full crit build. This build is terrible because in the late game he can even fight many heroes at once who gather with his S2 and Ulti.

The advantageous thing when using Claude is that it is very easy for him to have many build items. Very flexible, making it on the top tier of marksman Mobile Legends for you to use.

Often being in the high tier of the marksman class is not uncommon and without reason. Claude, who is a flexible marksman and the only marksman who has a powerspike in the mid game, makes it quite exclusive.

Below we have provided the Claude full crit build item which is very deadly to use.


Claude can use two types of shoes in this build, which is regen or ASPD. Demon shoes are quite good because Claude is an MM spammer who is very thirsty. This item at least covers the shortcomings when the laning phase is sure. In the late game Claude will run out of mana more often and these shoes are the most suitable.


DHS is the most important item in all Claude milk builds. His passive which can also activate item effects can deal high damage with this item. Two% HP attacks are very deadly even against tanks. This item also provides excellent stats.


The ASPD and crit of this item are very much needed by Claude. Scarlet also has a good effect because every crit she will get an MVSPD buff. When the ulti can activate item effects, Claude can run very fast.


Item Build Critical Claude Mobile Legends

All bulld crit will need this item. Berserker will increase the critical damage effect higher. This will be used by Claude in his passive and ulti to inflict unreasonable damage in the late game.

Claude item – WINDS OF NATURE

Item Build Critical Claude Mobile Legends

This item will cover Claude’s shortage which is vulnerable to bursts. Claude can use this item for negate upcoming attack. At least he can fight back with this item or use it when the ulti is active.

Claude item – BLADE OF DESPAIR

A very deadly item in the late game. With Despair, Claude’s damage will be very high because this item is the most expensive item of damage that provides the best stat. Despair will increase all of his skills, especially passive, S2, and also Claude’s ulti.

That’s Claude’s best Build Critical Item Build item in Mobile Legends. This build item will take advantage of its passive and ultimate in order to provide the highest damage output.

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